IB Pinning Ceremony Recognizes Juniors


Melanie Ozuna

Several proud juniors show off their roses and pins in celebration.

Melanie Ozuna, Staff Writer

On Jan. 22, the International Baccalaureate (IB) class of 2021 officially received the title of official candidates for the Diploma Program at the IB pinning ceremony, where the juniors invited family and friends to celebrate their academic achievements.

After reaching the end of the first semester, the students received the IB pin which symbolizes the effort and hard work they demonstrate in their rigorous classes. Apart from all the commitment the students show, they continue to accomplish great things together and grow as exceptional young adults.

The event is annually and proudly sponsored by the IB parents in the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). The IB teachers, along with current seniors, helped run the event.

Maia Berthier
Many seniors who participated welcomed the audience in various languages such as Slovakian.

As people made their way to their seats, the Spanish Honor Society Band offered a musical welcome.

As soon as the ceremony began, the masters of ceremony, Jesse Zambrano and Kylie Coulombe, introduced JROTC in the presentation of colors. After the pledge of allegiance the chorus group, Divisi, sang the National Anthem.

Afterward, IB students greeted everyone to the ceremony in different languages such as Italian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Dutch, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Portuguese, German, Slovenian, and Arabic.

“It was cool to see all the seniors there and speak the many different languages. Also, it was nice to see everyone dressed up and look pretty instead of the uniforms and hoodies,” junior Alexis Carrasquillo said.

Senior Daniel Toll warmed the hearts of many with his inspirational speech that shared his sincere views on IB along with motivational messages for the class of 2021. He stated that through the years, he noticed an outstanding transformation in his academics and is excited about what lies ahead for him after graduation. He reminded the students that they have each other and should enjoy the high school experience.

“IB pinning was a nice experience and the push I needed to finish up my Extended Essay. I was luckily pinned by senior Juliana Bonavita, who went through IB and is someone who I can rely on when asking questions about the program. The IB program has introduced me to great people and life skills, which I know will come in handy,” junior Marissa Gagliano said.

Maia Berthier
The seniors felt great honor in pinning the upcoming IB class.

Principal Mr. Costa mentioned how proud he is for the dedication the juniors have shown and revealed that the school had won a very prestigious award, the National Magnet School of Excellence Certification.

Later on, the keynote speaker Matt Haggman, an award-winning journalist, Miami Program Director at the Knight Foundation, and a recent candidate of the United States Congress delivered an inspiring speech about the journey through IB and why to remain devoted to the program.

As soon as the speeches were done, the juniors were called onto the stage to receive their pins along with a white rose. Principal Mr. Costa and IB coordinator Ms. Van Wyk shook their hands to acknowledge and recognize all the students. The night finished off with the entire IB class of 2021 singing the Alma Mater. As the ceremony came to an end, the students came one step closer to completing the program and receiving their IB diploma.