Melanie Ozuna

Melanie Ozuna is a rising senior currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program here at Coral Gables Senior High. Melanie first discovered her love for photography, her junior year in CavsConnect. Through CavsTV, she hopes to explore new methods of video editing while managing a staff. She might seem shy at first, but is very outgoing and fun to be around once you get to know her. Melanie is involved in many clubs, including National Honor Society, International Baccalaureate Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and Health Information Project. She is also proud to be vice-president of Gables Earth and historian of the Andrea Jaime medical Leaders club. Outside of school, she volunteers at her local church, where she works with young ones. As a hobby, she likes to spend time with her younger sister, Mia, as they sing along to the music of Disney's "Frozen". One thing she can not live without is her favorite show "Friends"; she is absolutely obsessed. In the future, Melanie wishes to attend the University of Miami and pursue a career in pediatrics.

Melanie Ozuna, CavsTV Co-Editor-in-Chief

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