Troupe’s Individual Events Showcase


Melanie Ozuna

Troupe presented many comedic, dramatic and musical performances, as well as charming choreography.

Melanie Ozuna, Staff Writer

On Dec. 11, the talented students in Troupe performed a showcase during the late afternoon in the little theater. The students presented two acts with a brief intermission in between. Along with family and friends, alumni and out-of-school students attended the Individual Showcase.

The value of this showcase stems from the performers’ performances in competition. The acts that had already been demonstrated to judges were presented to the students in Coral Gables Senior High. The competitions Troupe audited were two separate weekends, where they competed in different categories. Students from Gables participated in every category and have received scores for their performances. A few students will move up to greater competition against different states. Before attending, the group rehearsed for approximately two months, preparing for each division.

Troupe presented different acts such as monologues, duet acting, duet singing, choreography, solos, and closed with a large group musical. Unlike the usual shows, this one introduced a student’s reflection on a play and their interpretations. The student expressed her thoughts and created a discussion with the audience.

Another student demonstrated her artistic abilities in the use of makeup. During her tutorial, she explained a look that emphasized the features in one’s face. The purpose of it is to illuminate the facial structure seen while acting.

“Troupe is a family of talented and creative people expressing what they love to do. It is a strong bond amongst the group, and we all are very supportive of one another. It is a great environment to be who you are and meet life long friends,” junior Jessica Da Silva said.

The actors powered through challenging roles in which they touched upon delicate subjects such as depression and suicide. Each performer displayed great respect for the character and delivered it professionally.

Between performances, the students would have a short delay in preparing for the next act that involved interacting with the house. During a one break, the entire audience danced to the song “Macarena”. As two of the actors sang the song, the audience stood up and enjoyed a laugh.

“I was really excited and glad a lot of people showed up. It is usually a mix of parents and friends. Although I especially enjoy seeing the underclassmen watch because of their interest in joining,” senior Makayla Bell said.

As anticipated, the troupe will be hosting auditions soon in January. Any auditioners must perform a minute-long monologue as well as 16-32 bars of a song of choice. Joining troupe will enable students to participate in shows such as the Individual Events Showcase.

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