Cavaliers Hope to Bounce Back from Losing Record

The boys varsity volleyball played against the LaSalle Royal Lions on March 14, resulting in a loss for the Cavaliers.


Jack Band / highlights

Senior Christian Brown elevates to spike the ball over the net.

Jack Band, highlights contributor

Walking into the Coral Park’s gym with a losing record of 0-6, the Cavaliers boys varsity volleyball team anticipated a tough matchup. Opposite of the Coral Park Rams, the team looked forward to another chance at winning. From the get-go of the season, the team has struggled to settle in as a unit and are still working to improve their overall dynamic and game-plan.

“It’s taken the team a few games to really settle in and get the job done. There’s obviously been some struggles as we are still developing as a team and growing individually as players, but I see potential in the team and every time we play I see improvement,” junior Patrick Ales said.

Coral Park proved a difficult opponent for the school, however the team was not going to let the Rams take this match. The Cavaliers intensely grappled with the Rams at the beginning of the match. However, while the teams were neck and neck during the first two sets, both of which were won by the Cavaliers, the team landed its final blow in the third set, winning the entire match.

“We’ve been working really hard the past few weeks to improve as a team overall. With all the effort our team has been putting in, I expect to see some more wins under our belt in the future,” junior Matthew Wagner said.

The team will take on Miami Springs Golden Hawk, April 3, at 3:30 p.m. For now, the boys are practicing nonstop in the hopes of winning more games this season, including their upcoming matchup.

Junior Matthew Wagner takes to the air and powerfully serves the ball across the court.