Meet the Elected Class of 2024 Officers


Gabriela Blanco

Vice President Alexandra Roa, President Olivia Rebull, and Secretary Lorenzo Londono (left to right) are already in communication and planning the year ahead.

Lorena Acevedo, Staff Writer

The Cavalier nation has spoken and this year’s Class of 2024 officers have been selected. After weeks of campaigning, the freshman cast their votes on Feb. 4, choosing the best students to represent them for the 2022-2023 school year.

Working together alongside school administrators and class sponsors to plan class trips and activities, the officers are dedicated to making the Class of 2024’s junior year memorable. With their combined policies, the elected few, Olivia Rebull, Alexandra Roa and Lorenzo Londono, are on their way to making a mark on Coral Gables Senior High.

President: Olivia Rebull

President Rebull campaigned diligently, making posters with witty slogans and posting campaign videos on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. The sophomore’s involvement in multiple clubs at Gables, including the National Honor Society, International Baccalaureate Honor Society, Andrea Jaime Medical Leaders Club and Highlights, has given her the leadership experience needed to take on the larger role.

In addition, Rebull has been involved in student government for two years, meaning she is no stranger to the responsibilities that come along with the position. Aspiring to create a stronger connection between Gables students and the student government by pushing for more communication and stronger bonds, Rebull is prepared to take on the new year.

With the new board, I want them to work together as a team. I expect them to service their fellow classmates by designing junior gear and planning activities such as the junior class trip and the junior ring ceremony,

— Ms. Monzon

“I want to create more connections between the student government and the student body and just make a better connection overall between everybody,” sophomore Olivia Rebull said.

Vice President: Alexandra Roa

Seeking to keep the student body informed and offer full transparency by pushing for the use of social media platforms to further communication with students, secretary Roa’s campaigns led her to victory. One of her main priorities, making people heard, is how Roa plans to foster a sense of community amongst her junior peers.

“In order to implement this I will value everybody’s opinions and not let anybody’s ideas go unheard,” sophomore Alexandra Roa said.

Aside from her two years of experience on the class of 2024 student board, Roa is an active member in IBHS, NHS and Gables Earth, and is the current Treasurer of Key Club.

Secretary: Lorenzo Londono

Londono made his decision to run for secretary with the hopes of becoming more involved at Gables and making an impact on his peers. Striving to fulfill his duties as class secretary, Londono plans to help curate an exciting junior year for everyone by introducing ideas for school activities and making them a reality.

Class secretary Londono was Junior Varsity Basketball Captain for the 2021-2022 season. In the off-season, Londono plays for the Volleyball and Cross Country teams and contributes to clubs like NHS and Gables Earth. His participation across the school demonstrated his qualifications for taking on the role of secretary.

The three officers intend to create a safe space for the student body and are overall committed to making sure things run smoothly for the next year. Working together to create a campus that feels more like home, the juniors debut their path to leadership.