Gillum announces new voter registration organization

Gillum announces new voter registration organization

Alex Anton, highlights contributor

April 2, 2019

Throughout the last few years, there has been a clear democratic rise in Florida. Perhaps the peak of such an initiative was when Real Clear Politics polls predicted Andrew Gillum to beat the Republican candidate Ron DeSantis in the race for governor. However, the Democrat rally was not enough, as the Re...

The Results Are In!

Students vote during their lunches in order for their voices to be heard.

Jefrany D'catry, Staff Writer

February 22, 2019

On Feb. 19, students from all grade levels took time out of their days to vote for their 2019-2020 student government. Students waited outside of the Activities room (9219) in the Ralph Moore building and chose who they believed would be the best option for each position. Prior to voting day, candidates...

Women’s Equality Day Should Encourage Everyone to Vote

This is the sticker that every person who voted on Aug. 28 received. If you’re not otherwise motivated to vote, do it for the sticker!

Maia Berthier, Staff Writer

August 29, 2018

On Aug. 26, 1920, the United States passed the 19th amendment to the Constitution, granting all women citizens the freedom to vote and allowing them to finally be represented in America’s policy decisions. After all of the protests, judgment and imprisonment women had to go through just to be considered equal in society, they had finally ...

Trump Dismisses CIA Claims

Donald Trump adresses his supporters in Fayetteville, North Carolina after his victory.

Mia Galex, Staff Writer

December 21, 2016

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has conducted an assessment confirming Russia orchestrated the hacking of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to help president-elect Donald Trump win the election. These accusations have not only prompted President Obama to investigate the alleged Russian hacking,...

Is turning 18 all it’s cracked up to be?

Jessie Wang and friends celebrate her birthday, an event that some people consider a milestone and others a normal day.

Aliyah Symes, Editor

October 20, 2014

We all have our own rites of passage, or ways of knowing that we're growing up. Maybe you're allowed to drive the car to school on your own for the first time since you got your driver's license or just attended your first high school party. Maybe you've literally just aged another year. While these...

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