Trump Threatens Georgia’s Secretary of State for Votes


Abi Felan

President Trump makes call to Georgia Secretary of State in an attempt to overturn 2020 election.

Lucia Chico, Staff Writer

Although the presidential election was in November, and the results showed former Vice President Joe Biden as the president-elect, President Donald Trump believes the election is not over. His latest efforts to support his insane claims of voter fraud include a call he made to the Secretary of State of Georgia, pleading for them to find him the “missing” votes that would award him the state’s electoral votes that he so desperately needs in order to “overturn” the election.

Like the entirety of 2020, the elections this year were far from normal. A never before seen amount of money was spent on advertisements to encourage people to vote, millions of mail-in-ballots were casted and it took several days for all ballots to be counted. At last, the election ended and Biden supporters celebrated on the streets of their cities and towns; ready to turn the page on the disastrous Trump era. Donald Trump on the other hand, was unable to accept defeat. In an attempt to convince all of his extremist supporters that the election was illegitimate, he undermined the democratic system that has worked for decades. However, it is still no surprise that he undermined an institution of and for the people since he never understood what serving the people meant anyway.

The official election results awarded Joe Biden the presidency with over 81 million votes from the population and 306 electoral college votes. Donald Trump trailed behind with about 74 million votes and accumulated a mere 232 electoral votes. The margin is quite significant in both the popular and electoral vote, yet Trump continues to push false, unsubstantiated claims.

The fact that there were multiple recounts in Georgia, and all came back in favor of Biden, shows how blind one can be. For the president of the United States to ask the Secretary of State to overturn votes in his favor is completely unimaginable,

— sophomore Benjamin Groff

His claims began with immediate challenges of the results in states that took the longest to count all votes, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia. During the delayed counting of ballots in these states, Trump continuously tweeted to “Stop the Count” in the states that showed Biden leading in the popular vote. Trump made allegations of widespread voter fraud that, according to him, consisted of missing ballots, forging of signatures on ballots, unregistered or dead voters voting and faulty ballot count machines. All of which are incredibly ridiculous. His legal team has taken these claims seriously, miserably failing to win over 50 cases across six states. About 96 judges around the country from all political affiliations, even judges who were appointed by President Trump, have rejected his allegations, most of them claiming that there isn’t sufficient, reliable evidence to deem the matter of voter fraud true. These challenges have even been lost in the Supreme Court, the highest court in the United States.

“I think [this] shows the hypocrisy of the U.S that goes around intervening in countries across the world while parading our democracy and calling ourselves the leaders of the free-world, as our own president deliberately tries to undermine democracy,” freshman Juan Farjado said.

On January 2nd, the former president was joined by his chief of staff and a couple of his personal lawyers on an hour-long call with Republican Secretary of State of Georgia, Brad Raffensberger. In this call, the former president loosely tried to convince Raffensberger that the election results upheld by the state of Georgia were not accurate. Trump claimed that ballots had been dumped, that people who were not legally allowed to vote still voted, that some ballots were scanned three times and that some counties had purposely tampered with ballot counting machines. Unable to believe that he lost Georgia, Trump pathetically pleaded for Raffensberger to tell the public that the Georgian election results were fraudulent; he even went as far as telling Raffensberger that he wants to “…find 11,780 votes,” because, in his eyes, these votes were “lost” and he won the state. The secretary of state assured that he would not be carrying on with Trump’s wishes, despite the vague threats in which Trump reminded Raffensberger that he was a republican and that he had a big election coming up- as if his loyalty to a political party were more important than his loyalty to the people he serves.

The phone call that the former president had with the Georgia Secretary of State was an unsuccessful, borderline criminal attempt to hold on to his broken symbol of power. Time and time again, Donald Trump has proven that he is simply not fit for office, not fit to accept defeat and most of all, not fit to serve the people of the United States.