Bridge For Peace: Helping the Community Piece by Piece

Lenny Roque, Staff Writer

Bridge for Peace is an annual event run by the International Baccalaureate Honor Society which raises money for a student-nominated nonprofit. Every year, the goal of Bridge for Peace is to bridge socioeconomic conflicts around the world by making a philanthropic impact. At Coral Gables Senior High, the event offers students the ability to unite and make a change impacting the lives of others. Usually the cause is international, such as last year’s Asociacion Emergencia Ayacucho, but due to COVID-19 this year’s Bridge For Peace will be focused on a local organization, Feeding South Florida.

Feeding South Florida is a nonprofit organization that strives to end hunger in South Florida. This organization stands out compared to other local causes because they not only provide direct and immediate access to nutritious food, but they also lead hunger advocacy efforts and transform lives through educational improvements.

“The board chose this cause because during the pandemic, many people were struggling financially in the local community,” junior Melanie Estrada said.

Typically, Bridge For Peace is a dinner held at the Coral Gables Museum where students can volunteer in a variety of committees such as the food committee or decoration committee, and others can purchase tickets to eat, dance and socialize. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, an open-buffet in a public setting would not be realistic this year. In order to follow COVID-19 guidelines, there will be a walkathon that can be done in each student’s local neighborhood.

“For every dollar donated to Feeding South Florida it equates to nine meals allowing for each member to have a notable direct impact in their community,” senior Sara Ebrahimi said.

The 5K walkathon will take place on March 20, 2021 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., where students will be able to make an impact right from their local neighborhoods. It is a great opportunity to obtain community service hours, receive extra credit from teachers and gain a CAS experience. The IBHS board is also planning several in-person events for small groups of people to participate in with leaders of the cause.

“A 5k walk is the perfect fix, exercising releases endorphins and the sun provides vitamins that students have been lacking allowing students to still feel involved and stay healthy at the same time,” IBHS sponsor Ms. Noval said.

Through these events, Gables students can directly support the cause to distribute food to people in need. In order to participate, students need to purchase a ticket that costs $15 dollars, compared to the usual $20. Those who buy a ticket before Feb. 12 can receive a complimentary shirt. If there are any questions about the event, contact [email protected] or direct message @coralgablesibhs on Instagram.