Bridge for Peace: An Annual Night to Remember

Our Cavaliers having a great time, taking cute pictures in the photobooth during our annual Bridge for Peace

Stephanie Andrade, Staff writer

February 21, 2020

This past Thursday, the annual Bridge for Peace fundraiser was held in the Coral Gables Museum, with this year's cause being to raise money and spread awareness for Asociación Emergencia Ayacucho (AEA). The objective of AEA is to provide shelter and education to orphans in order to help them become upstanding citize...

IBHS Fundraisers for This Year’s Bridge For Peace Event

IBHS board members were pleased with the successful results of the bake sale.

Allison Cajina, Staff Writer

February 15, 2020

The International Baccalaureate Honor Society (IBHS) is a club dedicated to providing IB students with community service hours every month, mentoring for the underclassmen diploma candidates, and other service-based opportunities. Every year, they work hard to fundraise for their annual philanthropic...

Bridge for Peace Collections

Bridge for Peace 2016

Alexander Yagoda, Co Editor in Chief

December 9, 2019

The deadline for physical Bridge for Peace collections has come and gone, but it's not too late to purchase tickets! Tickets can be purchased online through Eventbrite here. Tickets are $20 plus a &2.03 online fee. The event is February 13, 2020 and we hope to see you there!   &n...

The Importance of Bridge 4 Peace

Gables students pose at the 2019 B4P, whose proceeds were donated to to Oberts Al Mon, an organization which will use the money to construct a new school in Guatemala.

Ingrid Moises, Staff Writer

December 8, 2019

 Every year, the International Baccalaureate Honor Society (IBHS) hosts an event called Bridge 4 Peace (B4P). B4P is a philanthropic event that raises money for causes that help people in need. The International Baccalaureate (IB) community supports an international issue that will benefit the lives of ...

Bridge for Peace 2019: Abiertos al Mundo

Estudiantes de Gables disfrutan de una noche de música, baile y diversión en el evento Bridge For Peace.

Ana Capiro, Spanish Editor

December 10, 2018

El pasado lunes 3 de diciembre se anunció la causa del evento Bridge for Peace, organizado por el club IBHS. Este año el dinero que se recaudará se usará para construir una escuela en Guatemala en colaboración con la organización catalana Oberts al Món. La organización, cuyo nombre se traduce...

Bridge for Peace Donation Form 2019

Students attending last year's Bridge for Peace.

Emily Simon, Editor-in-Chief

December 2, 2018

Bridge for Peace is an international dinner held at the Coral Gables Museum on Mar. 7, 2018 from 6:30-8:30 pm in order to raise funds. The donation is $20 and includes entrance to the event,10 Food Tickets, a Shirt, and Extra Credit for several classes. Cash purchases will take place Dec. 4-5 in front ...

Bridge for Peace Cause Application 2018-2019

Seniors Sunshine Lopez, Maria Estrada, and Nicole Verdesoto collecting tickets at the 2017-2018 Bridge for Peace event.

Emily Simon, Co-Editor-in-Chief

August 28, 2018

IBHS welcomes you to introduce your cause for the Bridge 4 Peace fundraiser this school year. Applications are available here. Your presentation must be 5-7 minutes long and include a Power Point. All applications must be submitted in paper form by September 28, 2018 in room 9319 by 2:00PM....

Bridge for Peace Donation Form

Students walking the run way at last year's event.

Emily Simon, Features & Student Life Editor

November 28, 2017

The Coral Gables Senior High School International Baccalaureate Honor Society (IBHS) is sponsoring this year's Bridge for Peace event. The event will be an international cuisine dinner with entertainment held on Feb. 15, 2018 from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Coral Gables Museum. A donation of $20 guarantees...

Annual Bridge 4 Peace Joins Best Buddies

Annual Bridge 4 Peace Joins Best Buddies

Natalia Torres and Ximena Puig

February 17, 2017

The annual Bridge for Peace fundraising event took place on Feb. 17 at the Coral Gables Museum.  The International Baccalaureate Honor Society (IBHS) hosts the event to raise money for a specific cause, with this year's being the school's very own Best Buddies club.  The event was able to raise around...

IBHS Host Annual Bridge 4 Peace Charity Fundraiser

Students pose together in front of a flowery back drop.

Olivia Pelaez, Staff Writer

March 31, 2016

On March 31, the International Baccalaureate Honor Society (IBHS) hosted its annual fundraiser Bridge for Peace (B4P) at the Coral Gables Museum. Over $12,000  were raised for Flying High for Haiti, a local organization that builds classrooms and schools in the poorest areas of Haiti. Some Gables students...

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