Class of 2021 Celebration Drive By: Awards Station

Class of 2021 Celebration Drive By: Awards Station

Maria Fernandez, CavsTV Staff May 4, 2021

Seniors who were recognized at the annual Gables award ceremony receive their accolades at the Class of 2021 drive by event.

Captain Arianna Garcia and Co-Captain Emma Bartelt during the finale dance.

Gablettes: Celebrating 45 Years of Tradition

Maria Fernandez, CavsTV Staff May 3, 2021

After winning a national title, the Gablette seniors perform on stage one last time. Coral Gables students, teachers, parents, and alumni celebrate the Gablettes 45 year anniversary by taking part in the...

Family vloggers are a new, complicated issue of consent in the social media age.

The Dark World of Family Vloggers

Alejandra Dellano, Staff Writer April 12, 2021

With the growth of social media and influencers, new forms of engaging audiences have developed. Vlogging, one of those forms, is when people videotape their daily life and then post it onto websites like...


Netflix’s “Yes Day” is a Yes for Lighthearted Family Fun

Alejandra Dellano, Staff Writer March 29, 2021

Release date: March 5, 2021 Cast: Jennifer Garner, Edgar Ramírez, Jenna Ortega, Everly Carganilla & Julian Lerner Director: Miguel Arteta MPAA rating: PG Our grade: B- “Yes Day” is a new...

Grammys or Scammys?

Grammys or Scammys?

Maria Guillen, CavsTV Staff March 28, 2021

The Annual Grammy Awards have been around for 63 years, but it has been accused of being rigged for many of those years. Pop artists, such as Zayn and The Weeknd, claimed this event is corrupt after it...

In today's modern society with all the accomplishments we have seen, women yearning for a job in a STEM field still face extreme amounts of prejudice just because of their gender.

What is it Like to be a Woman in STEM?

Alejandra Dellano, Staff Writer March 26, 2021

From bionic arms to mathematical theorems, the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics field offers a world of opportunity for anyone interested in participating. However, because of the remnants...

College Signing Pennant Template 2021

Natalie Abrahantes, CavsTV Co-Editor-in-Chief March 23, 2021

Want to show off your college pride? Print out the following pennant template and create a design based on the 4-year college you will be attending. Instructions 1. Click the link above to access...

5 of the Most Influential Women in Sports

5 of the Most Influential Women in Sports

Sam Sommer, CavsTV Staff March 22, 2021

In an industry dominated by men, it is much harder for women to show their skills and work with their passions. These exemplary women have shattered the glass ceiling in the sports industry and continuously...

COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

Lisbeth Arrieta, CavsTV Staff March 21, 2021

With President Biden saying all Americans will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine by May 1st, the end of the pandemic seems near. Eligibility to receive the vaccine has been expanding in some...

Oprah's Royal Interview

Oprah’s Royal Interview

Lisbeth Arrieta, CavsTV Staff March 14, 2021

In a tell-all interview, Oprah Winfrey sits down with Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, to discuss their experiences as a member of the Royal Family. In the hour and twenty-five minute interview,...

NFT Craze: Crypto Cashout

NFT Craze: Crypto Cashout

Sam Sommer, CavsTV Staff March 13, 2021

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a new craze taking the internet. After the recent surge in bitcoin prices, many people want to cash out their winnings. But many don’t want to cash out into US dollars...

Design Your COVID Prom

Design Your COVID Prom

Chloe Grant, CavsTV Staff March 12, 2021

Design your COVID prom and we'll give you your perfect prom fit! Choose the theme, cuisine- and find the best way to keep your guests six feet apart. (function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(d.getElementById(id))return;js=d.createElement(s);;js.src='';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}(document,'script','exco-sdk'));

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