“Sing 2”: Buster Moon and His Unforgettable Show

Gabriela Vega, Staff Writer

Director: Garth Jennings

Release Date: December 22, 2021

MPAA Rating: PG

Starring: Matthew McConaughey (Buster Moon), Paul David Hewson (Clay Calloway), Pharell Williams (Alfonso), Taron Egerton (Johnny), Halsey (Porsha Crystal), Scarlett Johansson (Ash), Tori Kelly (Meena), Nick Offerman (Norman), and more

Our Rating: A

Since the release of “Sing 2”, the highly anticipated sequel to the original movie, “Sing”, fans all over the world have been in a frenzy. Ranked as the #12 most streamed movie in the past week, it has made over $145 million in sales in just two weeks.

The film begins when Buster Moon and his show “Sing” make their way to Redshore City to try and sneak into a high-end talent scout’s office. At first the scout, Mr. Crystal, did not like their show whatsoever, but then one of the cast members blurts out an idea that Jimmy believed to be out of this world. There was just one problem though: Buster Moon and his crew needed to find a way to get the infamous singer-songwriter Clay Calloway to be in their show. Though it was difficult for anyone to reach Calloway after his wife died, Moon managed to contact him and his coworker helped get him on board with the show. After a few weeks of production, the production began experiencing issues that eventually ended in chaos, hopefully to be repaired by Moon and his team.

“This was by far one of the funniest animations I’ve seen this year. I would definitely watch it again,” freshman Melissa Sosa said.

In this sequel, everything is much bigger and brighter than the previous. Considering the amount of work put into the making of the first movie, this one definitely required much more attention to detail due to its extravagance. The lighting was so much better and it really helped shift the audience’s focus to the main subject of the movie.

This movie is so special, especially to anyone who is struggling with knowing their worth,

— freshman Nina Benson

For the most part, the film was very versatile; it changed from intense and melancholic to high-energy and happy in a heartbeat. The characters were able to show different perspectives towards everyday things, such as falling in love with someone or having to train like an “animal” to earn the lead role in a show.

The director of this movie did an amazing job capturing what show-business in Las Vegas is like, while keeping it simple and easy for children to understand. Dealing with the big leagues in Hollywood, this movie displays the message that in order to be successful in something, you do not have to be the absolute best at it; you need to be the most determined to get it done. Even though this is meant to be a children’s movie, it is great for all audiences to watch. Because of the subtle jokes hidden in the film, its humor appealed to people of all ages. Throughout many parts of the movie, you see the personified side of these animals such as when they are in a state of panic or when they realize that they have “fallen” for someone. These are emotions that people experience all of the time, so the film had an aspect of relatability that many animations lack.

Overall, this movie was a hit all across the board. Even behind the screen, you can hear the emotion behind the actors’ voices, which really plays a huge part in the making of the movie. The characters had their own human-like side to them, making this film charming and pleasant to watch. Though light-hearted, “Sing 2” managed to include small pieces of advice that everyone needs to hear every now and then. Perfect for all audiences, this movie is sure to make you smile.