Netflix’s “Yes Day” is a Yes for Lighthearted Family Fun

Alejandra Dellano, Staff Writer

Release date: March 5, 2021
Cast: Jennifer Garner, Edgar Ramírez, Jenna Ortega, Everly Carganilla &
Julian Lerner
Director: Miguel Arteta
MPAA rating: PG
Our grade: B-

“Yes Day” is a new Netflix original movie starring “13 going on 30” lead Jennifer Garner. Garner plays Allison Torres, the mom of three kids alongside Edgar Ramirez as her husband Carlos Torres. The movie is structured around an average family of five facing the struggles of bonding and agreeing on creating a balanced family dynamic. As it stood, the kids felt trapped and as if they could not come to their parents for anything in fear of being let down with a no. They end up creating a solution called Yes Day, which is a day to reward their kids for their hard work by doing whatever they want for an entire 24 hours. Katie, one of the daughters, offers a bet with her mother that if she were to deny something on yes day, Katie would be allowed to attend a concert without the company of her mom.

“This is a great family-friendly movie that highlights the struggles of trying to grow a relationship as both a parent and a child. ” said freshman Gabriella Reguera.

The movie manages to incorporate generic movie tropes while still keeping them entertaining and fresh. The character development also creates a valuable lesson that teaches the audience to be more open-minded. Famous R&B artist “H.E.R” makes an appearance and flawlessly sings alongside Jennifer garner a song named “Baby I Need Your Love.” Although it was short, her cameo only added to the magic of the movie.

“Yes day” depicts real-life connections between parents and their children by demonstrating what it’s like to try to balance keeping order while not dictating them. Despite the movie featuring aspects of real family issues, seeing more realistic situations would have added to the plot better. For example, the kids create seemingly unrealistic and exaggerated problems that would not happen in real life. Seeing the chemistry of the onset cast made the movie all the more real and authentic and felt like watching a real family go through a day of fun competitions.

“I love the actors in this movie. It was funny and well-executed.” said freshman Amelia Diaz.

The portrayal of family and real-life friendships is realistic, yet still manages to have a sitcom feel to it. “Yes Day” incorporates humor built for all members of the family to enjoy; its quick-paced and easy to watch in one sitting. The lighthearted connections, as well as the real-life issues families face, make it relatable to the viewers and great for family movie night.

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