Homecoming Proposals: A How-To Guide


Melanie Garcia

A simple but thoughtful way of asking someone to Homecoming.

Melanie Garcia, Staff Writer

With Homecoming just around the corner, the Cavaliers are set for a week filled with festivities. During the week, Cavaliers have the chance to show their school spirit and creative side by dressing up according to the different themes on each day. They also get to support their own peers by attending the homecoming football game against Miami Beach on Friday night, leading up to the Homecoming dance which will take place on Saturday, Oct. 16 at Coral Gables Senior High.

Asking someone to Homecoming can be scary, especially if you are unsure how to ask. When considering how, it is helpful to remember that everyone is different and the way to approach the proposal depends on whether they prefer simple or more extravagant gestures. For example, some people may prefer their proposal in a private space, while others might enjoy a more public proposal. Tailoring your proposal to the person you are asking makes for the most positive mutual experience possible.

Before asking someone to the dance, here are a few questions to consider: Do they already have a date? Would they prefer a straightforward question or something a little more thoughtful? What’s their favorite candy? Do they prefer flowers? If you cannot ask them yourselves for whatever reason, you can ask a friend to do the questioning for you. These are just some preliminary thoughts that can help you find out which way of asking is best.

If the straightforward approach is the way to go, here are a few tips: try to ask them at the right time. It is likely they will postpone the proposal if they are hurrying to do something or if they are in the middle of class. If the person you are asking likes things to be more personal, try to do it in private so they are more comfortable and you receive a genuine reaction. Also, don’t forget that even if they say no, the fact you asked is a kind gesture. If you do not want to ask them face-to-face, you can always send them a Direct Message, call them or even leave them a little note. Something as simple as a sticky note on their notebook can go a long way.

“I would genuinely prefer it if a girl asked me privately, and in her own way. Something out of the ordinary” junior Carlos Rizo said.

On the more romantic side, you can always offer them a token of appreciation. For example, bring them their favorite candy, some flowers or even a small teddy bear. These small gestures can show that you are willing to go the extra mile solely for this person.rom

“I would really just be happy with flowers or a single rose because I personally like simple, meaningful stuff,” junior Valeria Gomez said.

When looking for something a little more public, the go-to is often a Do-It-Yourself poster. It is important to consider what commonalities you two share if choosing this option. For instance, if you both love football, you can make a poster that says: “Let’s tackle hoco together!” Using wordplay on your poster will display effort and creativity to the person you are asking. Topics can range from sports, to movies, to food or even school subjects; just make sure to put in the effort!

If you are looking for something even bigger, you can consider asking a few friends to help you out. This group of friends can help you take different routes. For example, you can have each friend hold up a poster with a letter on it spelling out “HOCO?” Alternatively, they can each hand the individual something special and after all the participants are done handing them the items, you come up at the end holding a poster or just simply asking if they’d like to attend homecoming with you.

Whether you are dancing or just spending time with friends, Homecoming is a time for everyone to have a memorable, positive experience. If you are planning on asking someone to Homecoming this year, remember to tailor your proposal to their preferences so all parties are comfortable. Regardless if you are proposing, being proposed to or riding solo, enjoy Gables’ fan-favorite fall festivity to the fullest.