Summer Walker is “Still Over It”


Melanie Garcia

“Still Over It” has hit the biggest R&B album debut ever on Apple Music.

Melanie Garcia, Staff Writer

Album: “Still Over It”

Artist: Summer Walker

Release Date: Nov. 5, 2021

Our Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary R&B

Throughout her career, Summer Walker has made significant strides to the top of R&B charts and her new album “Still Over It” is a testament to that. The expectations were high for her new content but there is no reason to say her listeners should be disappointed. This album offers a variety of different singers, featuring other major female artists like Cardi B, SZA, City Girls and Ciara. Walker created the album to motivate people to expect nothing less than what they deserve and it is safe to say she did just that.

Prior to “Still Over It”, Summer’s last album “Over It” surprised most listeners with its popularity, spending 14 weeks on No.1 Billboard’s Top R&B Albums charts. Over the past four years, she dropped a series of songs reaching the top of the charts such as “Girls Need Love”, “Playing Games” and “Deep”. Her usual content consists of melodic love songs that just hit home. While her previous album “Over It” has more romantic content, this new album focuses on the process of growing out of a relationship. Below are some of the highlight tracks on Summer Walker’s “Still Over It”.

“No Love”

Featuring SZA, this power duo brings vocals and rhythm into one amazing song. These two voices combined make for the perfect symphony. The song begins with SZA’s verse and within the first forty seconds she hits a high note that only a voice like hers is capable of. Even though Walker’s voice is slightly deeper than SZA’s it gives more versatility to the melody. The chorus gives the song the R&B quota it needs and when it comes to each artist’s individual verse, they each add their own little style. If you like the song “I’ll Kill You” by Walker and Jhene Aiko, you will enjoy this one as well.

“It’s not like her other albums, it is good and it doesn’t sound the same compared to her other albums. It’s a new sound, my favorite is “No Love” with SZA,” junior Grace Ruiz said.

“4th Baby Mama”

This song is purely Summer Walker, both in style and vocals. Realistically, the song describes her relationship with the artist London on Da Track and how he left her alone when she needed him the most. Because of its personal feel, listening to it is like hearing your friend tell you the story of how her ex-boyfriend did not deserve her. She allows her life to influence her songs which is what makes them relatable and worth the listen.

“Dat Right There”

In a collaboration between Summer Walker, Pharell Williams and The Neptunes, this song plays the role as the most upbeat in the entire album. The song starts with a loud beat in the background that dims down when the chorus hits, which makes it easier to hear all three of these artists sing the chorus “Dat Right There”. Although Summer Walker is the most consistent singer throughout the verses, the combination of all three makes for a rich and melodious song with hints of each artist’s individual flavor. The chorus is also incredibly catchy and will have you singing it all day long.

“Summer Walker has created the perfect album for “my ex and I just broke up” playlist. I am in love,” junior Katherine Rodriguez said.

“Still Over It” is not your traditional R&B album, but it is definitely Summer Walker’s version of it. Although the album is full of great songs, I have to rate it a B+ because when compared to her other albums, “Over It” takes the cake. She is a great artist and this album has potential but she has yet to create an album that measures up to her 2019 hit.