After Taking It Easy for Six Years, Adele Finally Releases “Easy On Me”


Anthony Abrahantes

Adele never fails in releasing songs that are bound to be fan favorites. Her newly released song “Easy On Me” is no exception.

Audrey Lezcano, Staff Writer

Director: Xavier Dolan

Singer: Adele

Album: “30”

Our rating: A+

Ever since the release of her album “25” in 2015, fans have eagerly waited for Adele to release new emotional songs they can sing their hearts out to. This wait is soon to be over as after her 6 year break, Adele has finally released her single “Easy On Me”, the first component of her album titled “30” set to release on Nov. 19.

After divorcing her now ex husband Simon Konecki earlier this year in March, fans expected her to soon release an album regarding the whole situation. Although not all the songs in her album are set to be about her divorce, “Easy On Me” is written for her son Angelo Adikins as a message about the divorce of his parents.

The music video begins in black and white at a house any Adele fan would recognize as it is the same house that the music video for her hit song “Hello” took place in. The video continues with her picking up a packed bag and driving away from the house marked with a sold for sale sign. Bringing back the old house from “Hello” and showing it as being sold is simply genius of both her and the director as it is the perfect way of symbolizing her leaving behind the old in search of something new.

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“I think it’s [”Easy On Me”] great and that Adele never misses a good song. I’m so excited for her album to come out,” Sophomore Eilis Venereo said.

The video continues with her driving away, passing a happy family celebrating a holiday and a newlywed couple. She simply smiles and continues driving while sheets of music fly out of her furniture packed truck.

The scene suddenly changes to her sitting back in the house; however, not long after the music video shifts from being in black and white to being in color. This serves as yet another amazing artistic choice, demonstrating her newfound happiness after her divorce. The video ends with her and the staff filming the video laughing after taking the last take of the music video.

“I think it’s one of the best songs she’s put out and I love that she’s putting out new music,” Sophomore Tamya Wallance said.

Not only was the music video amazing, the heartfelt lyrics and astonishing vocals are simply breathtaking. It is enough to bring most to tears as she asks to “be easy on me” after everything she has recently been through.

Although the wait was long, it was definitely worth this beautiful song that surely deserves its spot as number one on both Spotify and Youtube’s music charts. If the rest of the album is anything like “Easy on Me”, “30” is sure to be incredible. For now, fans can only desperately await the release of the album.