The Best Celebrity Costumes of the Halloween Season


Anthony Abrahantes

Although many individuals went all out for the holiday, five celebrities take the cake.

Gabriela Vega, Staff Writer

As the halloween season and all of its festivities came to an end, celebrities all across America went all out and put on their very best costumes to end the season off with a bang. From Disney princesses to Star Wars characters, here are my top five favorite celebrity costumes from this year.

5. Lizzo as “Baby Yoda” from Star Wars

My Rating: B

Singer-songwriter Melissa Jefferson, also known as Lizzo, decided to go a little off topic when choosing her Halloween costume this year. Usually, she is known to wear very flashy and showy outfits but this year she kept it conservative and stylish. With her own twist on the Star Wars character Grogu also known as Baby Yoda, she gained a lot of attention in the entertainment world. Lizzo was covered in green face and body paint to look like the character. In addition to that, she put on a set of fake ears and a long blonde wig, throwing on a long khaki robe, some black cat eye shaped sunglasses and a classic pair of Ugg boots. To debut her Star Wars inspired outfit, she took it to the streets of New York City and let it all play out from there. I definitely think that she could have done way better when it comes to the presentation of the outfit, but this costume does deserve a spot on the top five list.

4. Rihanna as “Gunna”

My Rating: A

No offense to Gunna, but if I’m being honest, the outfit overall looks so much better on her than it looks on him,

— freshman Kenny Guzman

If you know who Rihanna is, you probably know that every year she pulls off the best Halloween costumes. From being a Ninja Turtle to a pink skeleton, this has definitely made it to her top 5 halloween costumes over the years. This year’s costume is so creative and many young adults all over the world have had positive feedback on it. Rihanna’s take on one of Gunna’s New York Fashion Week outfits was the perfect Gen-Z Halloween costume this year. She got her hair “loc’ed up” to look just like his and somehow managed to find every single piece of clothing that he wore just in time for Halloween. In this iconic all black outfit, she wore a long sleeve Dior mesh top, Louis Vuitton sunglasses, men’s black golf shorts, a leather zip-up vest and several stacked diamond chains, all paired with Rick Owens boots.

3. Megan thee stallion as “Pinhead” from “Hellraiser”

My Rating: A

Making the scare factor of Halloween play an important role in her costume choice this year, this celebrity found the perfect thing. Megan Thee Stallion, also known as Megan Pete, went with a costume that left her with pins coming out of her head… literally. She dressed up as Pinhead from the “Hellraiser” movie series, but she made sure that her costume reflected her personality and halloween spirit. Working with a team of special effects and makeup artists, Pete managed to create a pattern of needles poking out of her head along with her full body painted in white and a dramatic black eyeshadow look. To top all of that off she wore a black latex suit with big black thigh-high boots and chains wrapping around her body. This costume definitely goes right up her alley when it comes to her normal everyday looks.

2. Ariana Grande as the Creature From the Black Lagoon

My Rating: A+

Once again the queen of pop pulls off another amazing halloween look. She has always been the type of celebrity to have one of the most unbeatable costumes on Halloween, but I think that it is safe to say that she may have outdone herself this year. For this Halloween, Grande chose to put her own little twist on the creature from the movie “Creature From the Black Lagoon”. Grande put so much time and effort into making this vision a reality: with an entire production crew, she managed to put together her version of a new and improved movie poster with herself on the cover of it. She was covered in prosthetics to make her face the shape of the creature and on her hands she had prosthetics that made them more webbed-like. With her hair all tied up and styled, she put her own girly twist to the character and made it feel more like herself. Grande wore a black dress to pose for her costume photoshoot. This costume was amazingly planned out and timed perfectly for the Halloween season.

1. Lil Nas X as “Lord Voldemort” from the Harry Potter series

My Rating: A+

Montero Lamar Hill, known as Lil Nas X, put his money to great use this year for halloween. He has always been known for his flamboyant eye-catching looks, but this year he brought it down a notch and kept it a little less flashy. With inspiration from Voldemort, a team of highly experienced makeup and special effects artists were able to pull off a complete transformation. With his face covered in prosthetics it looked almost as if he had completely morphed into this character. You could not tell that it was him even if you looked him dead in the eyes. His teeth were changed to look like they were old, rotting and chipping. Let’s not forget about the fact that he even got his nails done to look just like Voldemort’s.

“I loved Lil Nas X’s costume, it really paid tribute to the Harry Potter films. Plus, the way that he tied together his look with the nails was just so perfect,” freshman Sergio Cordova said.

The amount of time and detail put into this costume was incredible. Lil Nas X wore a long dark green shirt with a dark blue silk robe over it, as his take on Voldemort’s signature outfit. With help from all of the people on the outside, Lil Nas X managed to pull off the most complex halloween costume this year.