Welcome to the Gables Teaching Staff


Coral Gables Senior High is ecstatic to meet the new teachers on campus for the 2018-2019 school year. It is always a pleasure welcoming new staff members to the cohort of students, faculty, and administrative staff at Gables High. Like with any new teacher on campus, everyone is eager to get to know these individuals and discover what their teaching goals for the academic year will be.

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I am very excited to start working here at Gables, the students are really engaged and amazing. Everyone has been welcoming and my co-workers especially have been really helpful.”

— Ms. Almagro

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I want to inspire and be inspired!”

— Ms. Barrocas

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I graduated from Gables so it was like coming back home. I started working with the Gablette team at the beginning of the summer and they are great. I want to have them build as a family and become national champs again. I am excited to start dancing with my dance classes as well. ”

— Ms. Diaz

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I am very excited to be a part of the Gables family and so far everyone has made me feel really welcome. I am most looking forward to growing as a teacher. ”

— Ms. Garcia

I come from Coral Reef High School and I am very happy because I get to teach the IB Spanish Bilingual class which other schools do not have. I love that as the students learn, I am learning from them as well. My goal for the year is for everyone to get a 7 on their exam. ”

— Ms. Haun

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I am looking forward to seeing how I can grow as a teacher. My goal for the year is to radiate positivity and have a better outlook on everything.”

— Ms. Jimenez

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I have been pleasantly surprised by the energy and enthusiasm of the students and that has made it a nicer experience. One of my goals for the year is to prepare all my AP students to do well on their exam.”

— Ms. Ramirez

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I used to be the athletic trainer for four years but now it is very different to be working with students rather than athletes. I am really expecting great things from my students and know this will be a great year!”

— Ms. Singleton

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I am thrilled to join the Cavs family as a Chemistry teacher and look forward to getting to know the Gables community. Science has always been a passion of mine, and sharing that passion with my students has been very rewarding.”

— Mr. Sticca

I wanted to come to Gables because of the opportunity to be a part of the IB program. My goals are to become an expert with the program so I can help the students do the best they can. The kids are amazing and I am loving the change!”

— Ms. Valencia

The teachers’ passion for their work radiates around them, and without a doubt, they are going to be a wonderful addition to the Gables family. As the school year unravels, we are looking forward to witnessing the positivity and knowledge these teachers will transfer to their students. A sincere thank you to all the teachers for joining the Gables staff. We wish them good luck in their endeavors and hope they have a happy year!