Pythagorean Theorem with Ms. Prado


Olivia Pelaez

Ms. Prado loves teaching math and explaining problems to her students.

Known for her famous saying, “I hear your conversations, and they are not math-related,” Ms. Prado is a lovable, fun math teacher. She is always eager to teach and solve difficult math problems.

Prado grew up in Cuba and attended the University of Havana. She then joined the Gables family and has been teaching here for nine years. From Honors Algebra 2 to AP Calculus BC, Prado enjoys teaching a variety of math levels because each bring their own challenge.  Her biggest challenge at he moment is teaching AP Calculus. Prado’s goal is to make this class more interesting and understandable for her students. To keep he mood light, Prado uploads funny peanuts comics to the promethean board.

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It is very rewarding when I’m explaining a topic and see the ‘aha’ moments from the students. It is priceless!

— Ms. Prado

Ms. Prado is very knowledgeable about all math topics and dedicated to ensuring all of her students learn the material. She is here from 6:30AM to 3:30PM and is always available to answer questions and provide any additional support her students need.