Club Spotlight: Art Club


Paulina Castanos

Junior Paulina Castanos filling her palette with paint.

Lane Morris, Staff Writer

Junior Paulina Castanos is the Art Club President. She is very passionate about creating unique art and helping others do the same.

Q: What is Art Club’s mission?

A: Art Club’s mission is basically to allow student to take part in different art projects that they wouldn’t necessarily be able to do in an art class and meet different people that have common interests.

Q: When and why did you join this club?

A: This club didn’t exist my freshman year, it started sophomore year. I knew I liked art and they were looking for board members and so I decided to apply and I joined.

Q: What new changes would you like to implement this year?

A: This year I wanted to definitely add different activities that don’t really just include drawing. I wanted to plan on activities that have all types of art media and so far we’ve done different things like make piggy banks, tie dyeing, and working on props. We have our art drive coming up, which is our community service project.

Q: What are the future aspirations for this club next year?

A: Definitely next year I want to do more stuff that involved the community like definitely plan out activities that we can give back.