Orestes Gonzalez
It's Orestes Gonzalez's second year in CavsConnect as Photography Editor. Orestes is creative with whatever comes out of his brilliant and mysterious mind, and always has his head in the books. This year he is an IB senior, always working tirelessly to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor in the near future, although his desired field of medicine has not been determined. Orestes would like to describe himself with one word: chill. He views everyone he sees as equals because there is no one perfect in this world and Orestes accepts them for whoever they are.

Outside of school he writes poetry that he puts all of himself into, listen to music all the time mostly Alternative and R/B 24/7 even Hip-Hop/Rap. Orestes is so fascinated with history that he feels like he's not living in the right time and would rather live better in the past than the future (preferably the 1960s). Sometimes he prefers to go on long walks on South Beach and have hope that once he graduates this year he would take a one week trip off to Havana, Cuba to know his roots and experience the culture that his family once knew before the revolution

Orestes Gonzalez, Photography Editor

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