The “Rulers” of Gables


Orestes Gonzalez

Disfruta este año escolar.

John Hiaasen, Staff Writer

Every year on the first day of school, almost all of the seniors make crowns to show everyone who’s boss. These senior crowns are a creative way for seniors to show off their school pride and superior status. They are one of the many traditions seniors take pride participating in, and look forward to while in high school.

The senior crown tradition allows seniors to show off their creative side when they make crowns that best reflects their personality. A lot of planning goes into making the perfect senior crow,n since it would be disheartening to run into someone with a similar crown. The senior crown competition, which is run by CavsConnect, rewards the senior with the most creative crown; this competition may also motivate underclassmen to start planning out their crowns ahead of time in order to make sure that they win and rake in the rewards.

Seniors rock their crowns to show others who's in charge.
Seniors rock their crowns to show others who’s in charge.

“I guess the Administration encourages us to wear senior crowns because  its an incentive to stay in school, and its a reward for actually having done it,” senior Stephan Chamberlin said.

The crowns are definitely a fun being a senior, however they may be intimidating to freshman; adding to their stress of already being in a new school, and being oblivious to the senior crown tradition. If not handled responsibly the crowns can become a major class room distraction, and could even cause harm to people walking by seniors with extravagant crowns in the hallways.

Some senior’s get really creative with their crown, his is even larger than his own head!


“I think their pretty cool, and its something original, new, and entertaining, the crowns are something to keep things fun,” freshmen Johnny Perdomo said.

In actuality, people should not be scared or hurt by the crowns since most of them really aren’t that dangerous. Also freshmen will soon learn that the crowns are part of a long list of traditions for seniors and they might even look forward to participating in the tradition when they become seniors.

Senior crowns are a fun way to celebrate the beginning of the end of high school; they are a creative reward for seniors and give something to look forward to for underclassmen. Although they may be distracting at times, the crowns can still be handled responsibly. Senior crowns truly show that the seniors ARE the “rulers” of the school.