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The Communication, Arts, Film & Digital Media (CAF&DM) academy’s annual field trip to the action-packed journalism known as FSPA took place April 24-26. A bus filled with students from all publications (Catharsis, Cavaleon, CavsConnect, GablesLive! and highlights) departed to the Wyndham Orlando Resort, where they competed with other schools’ publications and attended seminars to further their journalistic excellence. Students were able to enjoy organized events like round tables and banquets, allowing for journalistic enthusiasm to spread throughout all convention attendees. Coral Gables’ own Cavaleon and CavsConnect were awarded the overall title of “All Florida”.

“CAF&DM should take away [from FSPA] the need for an integrated journalism network, and how online publications, print publications, and TV are so much better when they work together. If we all help each other out we can get the news out so much more effectively and show the community that despite being student journalists, our reporting, story writing, and interviewing are an integral part of an open and honest school system,” junior Stephan Chamberlin said.

Gables did exceptionally well in their competitions, as they have in years past. The recognitions they received at this year’s convention, themed “Revolution”, are as follows:


  • Ambar Deleon (Catharsis)– Literary Magazine Spread
  • Caterina Viscito (Catharsis)– Literary Magazine Prose
  • Evan Caldwell (Catharsis)– Literary Magazine Prose
  • Ron Leiferman (Catharsis)– Literary Magazine Poetry
  • Ann-Marie Bracho (Catharsis)– Literary Magazine Poetry
  • Vanessa Vazquez (highlights)– Campus News Story
  • Maya Iskandarani (highlights)– Editorial
  • Danny Delgado (highlights)– Serious Commentary
  • Stephan Chamberlin (highlights)– Humorous Commentary
  • Amanda-Victoria Gonzalez (highlights)– Sports Game Coverage
  • Octavio Castro (highlights)– Sports Action Photo
  • Brooke Donner & Maggie Rivers (highlights)– Newspaper Front Page
  • Catarina Ruggiano (GablesLive!)- Commercial (Best of the Best)
  • Nestor Justiniani (GablesLive!)– Special Effects Photo (Best of the Best)
  • Nestor Justiniani (Cavaleon)– Personality Portrait Photo
  • Sofia Quevedo and Julene Valmana (Cavaleon)– Yearbook Student Life Spread
  • Hanna Payne and Keana Mercado(Cavaleon) – Yearbook Student Life Spread
  • Deanna Reyes and Mariuxi Garces (Cavaleon)– Yearbook Student Life Spread
  • Hanna Payne and Keana Mercado (Cavaleon)– Yearbook Opening/Divider
  • Sophie Feinberg (CavsConnect)- Campus News Story
  • Bryce Scanlon (CavsConnect)- Infographic
  • James Burke (CavsConnect)- Hand-drawn Illustration


  • Ann-Marie Bracho (Catharsis)– Literary Magazine Poetry
  • Ali Band (highlights)– Off-Campus News Story
  • Sabrina Fiske (highlights)– Serious Commentary
  • Cyrus Zeledon (highlights)– Serious Commentary
  • Angelika Menendez (highlights)– Sports Game Coverage
  • Catarina Ruggiano (GablesLive!)- Broadcast Profile
  • Tyler Tolon (GablesLive!)- Feature Package
  • Javier Cobas, Matthew Forero (GablesLive!)- Short Film
  • Samuel Tapia (GablesLive!)- Public Service Announcement
  • Samuel Tapia, Julian Martell (GablesLive!)- Public Service Announcement
  • Javier Cobas (GablesLive!)- Design Portfolio
  • Cathryn Cordes and Hanna Payne (Cavaleon)– Sports Game Coverage
  • Caroline Bauwens (Cavaleon)– Yearbook Sports Spread
  • Maybel Cerrato and Nicole Juarez (Cavaleon)– Yearbook Sports Spread

Honorable Mention

  • Evan Caldwell (Catharsis)– Literary Magazine Spread
  • Ambar Deleon (Catharsis)– Literary Magazine Spread
  • Aliyah Symes (Catharsis)– Humorous Commentary
  • Brooke Donner (highlights)– Off-Campus News Story
  • Olivia Field (highlights)– General Feature Story
  • Bianca Mangravite (highlights)– Profile Story
  • Francis Perez (highlights)– Sports Newsfeature
  • Octavio Castro (highlights)– Review
  • Olivia Field (highlights)- Review
  • Christopher Galiano (GablesLive!)
  • Gaitana Jaramillo and Deanna Reyes (Cavaleon)– Sports Game Coverage
  • Nestor Justiniani (Cavaleon)– Sports Action Photo
  • Nestor Justiniani (Cavaleon)– Nature Photo
  • Oliver Robles (Cavaleon)– Nature Photo
  • Oliver Robles (Cavaleon)– Tom Pierce Photo Portfolio

Quick Turn Competitions

  • Samuel Tapia (GablesLive!)- 2nd Place Photo Story
  • Alexander Duran, Coby Sanchez, Julian Elortegui, and Mark Braun (CavsConnect)- 1st place Video Sketch

On the Spot:

  • Gianella Rojas (Catharsis)– 1st Place, Review Writing
  • Paula Hernandez (Cavaleon) – Honorable Mention Short Story
  • Javier Cobas, Samuel Tapia (GablesLive!)- 2nd Place Edit to the Beat
  • Nicolas Dabby (GablesLIve!)- Honorable Mention Collaborative Commercial
  • Isabella Izquierdo, Deanna Reyes, Cathryn Cordes, Nicole Juarez, Gaitana Jaramillo, Adriana Fernandez (Cavaleon)- 1st Place Team Yearbook
  • Oliver Robles (Cavaleon)- 1st Place News Photo