How to Keep a Positive Mindset During Virtual School


Alejandra De llano, Staff Writer

As the new school year approaches at Coral Gables Senior High, students are preparing to start online classes and teachers are trying to get accustomed to not being in their classrooms with their students. Since COVID-19 struck  five months ago, most of us are going into virtual learning blindsided. To try to get settled into this whole new dynamic, always start by thinking ahead! Staying motivated and organized is essential for keeping up with your classes, teachers and mental health.

A first step into staying motivated this school year is to start with a plan , which should begin with how you start off your morning! Your sleep is critical not only for your physical and mental health, but also for the increase of max productivity. Since virtual school will be conducted at the same time as normal class time would be, it is essential that you get well rested and get at least nine hours of sleep so that you can focus properly on your work and achieve your goals, whether big or small.

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I tend to go to sleep late into the mornings and wake up with not even five hours of sleep.

— freshman Gabriella Reguera

Many students have become accustomed to an odd sleeping schedule over the summer and need to start working on how to get back into the habit of a rational sleeping cycle. Besides getting back into the habit of sleeping at a decent time, another extremely important key to success especially with online schooling is organization. It may be overwhelming at first, but done correctly, it will make your life and virtual learning go by smoothly.

An important place to start is the area in which you feel that is comfortable for you to take your classes throughout the day. It is imperative that not only is it neat and prepared with all necessary materials, but that it is somewhere you can focus properly – not a bed or somewhere loud and distracting that can lead to difficulties concentrating.

To stay on course, it is highly recommended to keep track of the work you need to complete and remember its deadlines, and remember to keep the big things higher on your list of priority. Doing this will help you keep a clear picture of what you have accomplished and what needs to be donw by the end of each day.

“It’s important for me to keep a planner on me so I don’t forget what is due for each class and when I need to do it,” sophomore Anysia Gamez said.

The final and most important step in staying motivated for school is self care. A lot goes into focusing on yourself and mental health, but taking things one day at a time is always a good place to start. It’s critical to sometimes take a break and ground yourself. There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for your hard work every now and then, because you deserve it! COVID-19 has led to hard times for everyone around the world, and it can get frustrating and upsetting, but focusing on the positive will make this sticky situation more manageable as classes begin again.