Gregoire Winston: A Born Leader and Posse Scholar


Courtesy of Ms. Driver

As Gregoire Winston prepares for his new life at Hamilton College, he celebrates his last few months at Gables with friends.

Anthony Russo, Sports Editor

Entering into senior year can be a stressful time for students trying to maintain their grade point average, apply to college and possibly juggle a job on top of it all. However, Gregoire Winston has still managed to make the most of his final year of high-school. From being involved in Highlights to running the French Honor Society, Winston demonstrated his passions through his involvement at Coral Gables Senior High, earning him the Posse Scholarship.

The Posse Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship granted to 10 students per school in Miami-Dade county. The scholarship allows the awarded students to obtain a bachelor’s degree with either of 64 partnered universities; Winston chose Hamilton College as his new home for the next four years.

With the school being in New York, I get the benefit of being up North and being close to the big cities such as the Big Apple, Washington, D.C. and Boston. I am just glad it worked out, I went for it and thankfully got the scholarship,

— senior Gregoire Winston

“Although I have recently met Greg because of the Posse Scholarship, I can already see why he received the award as he is very devoted to whatever he sets his mind to and that is very commendable,” senior Adan Correa said.

Towards the middle of his junior year, Winston began to look into national scholarships that would reward him for his leadership skills. After further investigation, the senior got in contact with Lisbeth Arrieta, a former Cavalier who was awarded the Posse Scholarship to Davidson College in 2021. Thinking Winston was a perfect fit for the program, she nominated him and encouraged him to apply and throughout the next year and half, the Cavalier followed through the lengthy interview process.

After doing more research on the scholarship, Winston chose Hamilton College because of the school’s focus on critical thinking, decision making and communication; all skills he believes to be valuable. Coming closer to deciding his future profession, Winston looks to major in international relations and government at the university as the major emphasizes bringing people together and pushing students outside of their comfort zone.greg

“I think that is where the beauty of international relations shines as you really get the opportunity to meet such diverse people from all over the world,” senior Gregoire Winston said.

Winston’s passion is no surprise to others as he recently started an Instagram account known as “One Minute Student News”, in which he posts daily images about headlines from around the world. Attributing his interests and success to being in Highlights, the senior has been part of the magazine publication since freshman year and knows that is where his love for writing and communication was born.

Although the end of his time at Gables is only the beginning of his future, Winston looks to take everything he has learned and proudly trade in the red and black Cavalier for the blue and buff of Hamilton college.