Class of 25′: Newly Inducted Student Council Representatives


Andres Rodriguez

The four Class of 25′ representatives, President Tiffany Beh, Vice President Allison D’alincourt, Secretary Caitlin Savage and Treasurer Melissa Hernandez (left to right), have already began to prepare for a successful sophmore year.

Andres Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Providing opportunities for students at Coral Gables Senior High, the student council allows Cavaliers to share their voices and make decisions for their peers. In order to engage the student body, every year, elections occur to select new leaders for the school year. Representing the class of 2025, four students are carrying out the leadership roles which define what it means to be on the student council board.

On Feb. 4, voting for rising sophomore representatives took place from 7:15 to 12:45 a.m. These newly elected individuals are ready to serve and introduce their plans for the class.

President Tiffany Beh

Newly elected president for the Class of 2025, freshman Tiffany Beh has dedicated herself to showing fellow underclassmen the ins and outs of highschool. Involving herself in extracurricular activities such as Interact and the International Baccalaureate Honors Society, Beh has formed key relationships with her classmates. These connections propelled her into running for president.

A committed Cavalier, Beh has had experience when it comes to leading others as she is the current vice president for the freshman student government board. Despite not wanting to overcommit and stress out in her second year of high school, Beh ran for president trusting she was going to be able to balance both her academic responsibilities and extracurriculars.

Beh’s main goals for her sophomore year is to plan new activities and work behind the scenes with the student council. Additionally, she hopes to improve her social and leadership skills in the process.

“Hopefully, next year, I will be able to plan field trips that are both affordable and fun, including treat days and design yet another amazing class t-shirt. I am beyond excited to serve as president and cannot wait to start the next school year,” freshman Tiffany Beh said.

Vice President Allison D’alincourt

An unfamiliar face, freshman Allison D’alincourt is preparing for her first year on the student council board. Upon being elected vice president for the Class of 2025, the IB student is adamant about incorporating the voices of her fellow freshmen into Gables.

“At first, I most definitely wanted to run for president. However, because this will be my first year on the board, I did not want to aim for the highest position and so I settled with the job of vice president,” freshman Allison D’alincourt said.

Entering 2022, D’alincourt is focused on collaborating with her board members and making good decisions with the help of her peers. Brainstorming field trips and recreational events, the freshman is looking to integrate new ideas and work to construct a successful class.

The reason I ran for student government was because I wanted a way to become more involved in the school. I hope to meet new people and learn how the student government influences the school as a whole,

— freshman Caitlin Savage

Secretary Caitlin Savage

Despite her inexperience, Secretary Caitlin Savage was drawn to the student council because of its influence on the school. Having gotten used to the Gables atmosphere and environment she is looking to build upon, the Cavalier is making strides towards becoming more involved and taking full control of her new position.

Looking ahead, Savage is looking to create a space where her classmates feel compelled to participate in. By using different engagement strategies, the freshman wants to attract others to school events and activities. Organizing treat days and fundraisers is her main priority, as she has seen how the events have brought students together in a positive way.

Treasurer Melissa Hernandez

For freshman Melissa Hernandez, Gables has been her home since childhood. A former Little Cavalier, Hernandez always desired to return to the place where her education began and see her school in a new light. With an interest in the financial aspect of the student council, she was elected treasurer for the board.

A rising sophomore, Hernandez is willing to do her part to please everyone. The Cavalier has already begun brainstorming fundraisers which show support for the school and organizing treat days; in fact, she is fixed on hosting treat days every month for her fellow classmates.

“I am more than grateful for this opportunity, and I hope I can make everyone happy and make their high school year worthwhile,” freshman Melissa Hernandez said.

Awaiting the 2022-2023 school year, each of these student council representatives have something unique to offer Gables. With different sets of talents, these officers are prepared to share their voices and give different opinions on how to improve their classmates’ high school experience. Although underclassmen, these students are paving the way for their future and have become leaders with the positions they now hold.