Lea Bergot: Current Cavalier, Future Husky


Maria Odio

After being accepted into Northeastern University, Lea Bergot can complete her last year as a Cavalier with peace of mind.

Maria Odio, Staff Writer

From early on, Lea Bergot knew that Northeastern University was the right school for her. As soon as applications opened for the university, she decided to apply to early decision, a binding contract that states if the applicant is admitted into the university they must attend.

At Coral Gables Senior High, Bergot embodies what it means to be a “well rounded” Cavalier. During school hours, Bergot can be found working on her classwork for her International Baccalaureate classes or taking and editing videos for CavsTV, Gables’ digital media production group.

After school, Bergot spends her time in clubs such as the French Honor Society and the International Baccalaureate Honor Society and practicing for the Gables flag football team.

“Lea is incredibly trustworthy, she is the type of kid that you could leave with responsibilities that you know will get done. I genuinely think she is a great person,” Mr. Molina said.

When I visited Northeastern in Boston, right away I was taken aback by the beauty of the campus and the welcoming feeling that everyone gives you. I already felt like it was the school for me especially with all the opportunities that it provides for me, especially in the study abroad programs they have,

— senior Lea Bergot

While looking for the perfect university, Bergot kept her love for traveling in mind. From an early age, Bergot has been traveling to visit family in France and is always seeking out a new adventure. As the years progressed, she realized she wanted to spend time studying abroad in foreign countries during her time at university.

In her search for a college with a study abroad program, Bergot came across Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Northeastern’s Global Experience program provides students with the opportunity to earn college credits with one of Northeastern’s partners around the globe.

Getting the full experience she has been craving right away, Bergot’s first semester in the university will be abroad. Although the program has not released what country she will be studying in, it will most likely be somewhere in Western Europe such as London, Rome, Greece or Ireland.

While Bergot has demonstrated an interest in studying behavioral neuroscience, she is also open to the idea of new majors hence why she enrolled in the Explore Program. The Explore Program allows students with undeclared majors to explore some of Northeastern’s 220 majors and combined major programs. For Bergot, this program will assist her in making decisions about her academic journey after high school and hopefully help her choose her career path.

At Northeastern University, students learn via a cooperative education model which means instead of having semesters of academic study back to back, the school alternates between in-class teaching and real-life work experience.

This co-op learning will open up the doors for Bergot outside the four walls of a classroom as 93 percent of the Northeastern graduates are either employed or enrolled in a graduate school nine months after graduation.

In conjunction with her passion for learning and traveling, Bergot familiarized herself with the school’s programs and knew that she would be the perfect candidate to join the Northeastern family. As a result of her Early Decision application, Bergot has avoided succumbing to the stressful pounding applications and has sealed her fate for the following four years to come.