This Year’s Posse Scholarship Finalists!

Coral Gables Cavaliers Posse Finalists.

Guiliana Garces, Staff Writer

October 31, 2018

Posse, a full-tuition scholarship, is a well-known, rigorous program that identifies individuals with leadership potential across ten cities in the United States. The program is beneficial as it offers seniors the financial help they need for college and creates a dedicated community of Posse scholars...

University Curriculum: USA vs Europe

Students have many options in what to do post-graduation, including attending universities either domestically or overseas.

Pablo Hanono, Staff Writer

August 25, 2018

A university education is widely regarded as a necessary measure of upward social mobility. With so many countries around the world, the curriculum of a university can vary widely, even between institutions within the same region. The United States and Europe have a large number of international students...

An Uphill Battle for Affordable Education

Colleges are considered money eating machines, especially the ones that practice scholarship displacement because it makes it harder for students to pay the cost of attending.

Daymara Fernandez, Staff Writer

October 23, 2017

Throughout the whole world, a college or university education is essential for job seekers, due to the fact that employers are becoming more demanding of requirements for employees. Many young adults and high school graduates that wish to further excel in their studies search for suitable universities whe...

A Cavalier College Fair

The event was coordinated by PTSA volunteers in conjunction with AP coordinator Ms. Stack

Pablo Hanono, Staff Writer

October 11, 2017

While students are in the midst of preparing their college lists, nervous yet excited towards the future, they file into the gym on Oct. 10 to find their dream school. From California to New York, 73 representatives set up shop in the gym to put their school on display in what is the largest college...

Student Involvement: How Much is Too Much?

Students are compelled to get involved in activities outside of the classroom, but how much is too much.

Nicolas Schmidt, Staff Writer

March 7, 2017

As students start preparing for their freshman year they are told that they need to get involved in clubs and extracurricular activities. However, many students struggle to find the proper balance between the classroom and extracurricular activities which causes them tons of stress. Some students joi...

Rejection isn’t so bad at all…

Rejection isn't so bad at all...

Kelsy Pacheco, Staff Writer

December 20, 2016

As admission letters start rolling in and people start hearing back from their dream schools, not everyone wants to hear the answer to the dreaded question: did I get accepted? Sadly, colleges can't accept everyone - no matter how qualified we think we may be.  It's going to be tough... Dealin...

College: In, Out and About

Contemplating between in-state, out of state, and international may be a difficult, but necessary decision.

Mariam Ahumada, Staff Writer

March 1, 2016

Choosing a college location is just as important as choosing the college itself. With options ranging from in-state, out of state and international it can be easy to sell yourself short. Luckily, here is a break down on all there is to know about picking the perfect location for you! The Ins and Ou...

Leaving their Legacy: Football Signing

Shaquery Wilson, Jontavis Testa, Jared Mcgahee, Emilio Gibbs and Coach Pollard together at the signing.

Kelsy Pacheco, Sports Editor

February 16, 2015

Whether their dream is to go to the Olympics or get signed by the college of their choice, many athletes hope to continue their legacy wherever they go. On National Football Signing Day, Feb. 3, seniors Shaquery Wilson, Jontavis Testa, Jared McGahee and Emilio Gibbs all accomplished their dreams of s...

College Fair Recap

Colleges at College Fair

Sofia Bratt, Staff Writer

November 2, 2014

College of Charleston Representative (Not in the Video) Q: How long have you been working at the College of Charleston? How did you start working? A: I began working this July, since I recently graduated from the College of Charleston. While I was studying as an undergraduate, I was working pa...

Meet the CAP

CAP adviser Mrs. Stack leads an assembly where Gables alumni share their college experiences.

Camilo Bacca, Photography Editor

September 2, 2014

Last year, Coral Gables Senior High had one of its most successful years regarding financial aid and college acceptances. Thanks to the College Assistance Program (CAP) adviser, Mrs. Stack, and a very diligent senior class, Coral Gables was able to send many of its students to a four-year college or...

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