Closely Approaching the Future: College Fair 2019


Melanie Ozuna

College representatives organized tables full of valuable information based on the schools.

Melanie Ozuna, Staff Writer

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  • At the beginning of College Fair, Mr. Costa welcomed college representatives from around the country.

  • JROTC paraded the American flags as the chorus sang the national anthem.

  • Many schools nationwide exhibited their schools to the students at the college fair.

  • At College Fair, representatives from UMass Amherst and the University of Michigan deliberate while patrolling their booths.

  • Florida State University, one of Florida’s top-ranked public schools, was a fan-favorite visit.

  • If possible, students signed up to receive information regarding colleges and their summer programs.

  • Senior Ana Capiro, a prospective college applicant, conversed with numerous college representatives during College Fair.

  • The universities attending answered many questions on the college application process and their schools themselves, much to the happiness of our Cavaliers.

  • Students demonstrated a lot of excitement for their desired schools, making long lines across various booths.

  • Seniors Christian Segurola and Jonnathan Gonzalez sign up for informational notices at a college booth.