Catching a Cav with Character: Inquirer

Gabriella Torna

Aprils Cavs with Character

Ms. Driver

April’s Cavs with Character

Adriana Meijaard, Staff Writer

Those who embody the inquirer characteristic have a natural curiosity for the world around them. As involved students, they seek to expand their knowledge through inquiry and research. For the month of April, Penny Richards, Keila Aguila, Abigail Covil and Nicole Debarrosmoraes have earned the title of inquirer as they stand out among their peers.

Grade 9: Penny Richards

Penny Richards is always taking the knowledge she is given to the next step. In her English class, there is never a time that her hand is not raised. She is determined to know how the world around her works and how to contribute to the world as a person. Richards enjoys learning in the classroom and continues to do research outside of school.

“Penny goes beyond the scope of class discussions and interprets literature through her own unique perspective,” English teacher Mrs. Delgado said.

Grade 10: Keila Aguila

Keila Aguila is a hands-on learner. She is always willing to ask questions and help others around her to understand whatever topic is at hand. Aguila is an active member of the Teaching Academy and Future Educators of America. She brings curiosity and responsibility in all that she does.

“Keila definitely encompasses the ‘natural curiosity’ needed to earn this recognition,” Teaching Academy teacher Ms. Torres said.

Grade 11: Abigail Covil

As a fluent speaker of English, Spanish, French and Creole, Abigail Covil truly represents what it means to be an “inquirer.” In her classes, she makes sure she fully understands the subject at hand and will never hesitate to ask questions in order to do so. Covil is an active member of Best Buddies and a runner in Cross Country. She motivates everyone around her with her kindness, pushing them to do their best. As she continues to ask questions and learn more about the world around her, she influences others to do the same.

Grade 12: Nicole Debarrosmoraes

Nicole Debarrosmoraes is a kind-hearted individual who is always willing to ask questions and help others around her. Even as her high school career comes to a close, Debarrosmoraes brings passion into every activity she does. Being a part of Student Activities and the Academy of Finance board entails meeting new people and being able to guide them, and she does so passionately every school day.

Being inquisitive is an important skill that these four young ladies have been able to develop, and it will continue to guide them into their successful futures.