The Woman Behind Mr. Coral Gables


Guiliana Garces

Dominic Babin focused on working hard to achieve her goals and become a Posse scholar.

Trey Riera-Gomez, Staff Writer

It has been a tradition here at Gables that each year, the loved and celebrated Mr. Coral Gables competition be run and developed by one of our very own students, typically a Gablette. This year, the behind the scenes operator was Dominique Babin, a senior officer of the Gablettes dance team.

Now that Mr. Coral Gables has passed and finished as a major success, being one of the most popular of the competitions in many years, one must understand how much hard work went into creating the show itself. Aside from developing the dances involved, Babin spent time making sure each contestant had the correct attire, entertaining talents and an appropriate beachwear script, which each contestant wrote themselves. Fro, light and sound control, Babin made sure things were perfect down to the last detail.

Outside of organizing the show, Domi is an International Baceleurate (IB) senior, who participates in the National Honor Society, IB Honor Society and the French Honor Society, which she co-founded and is the Vice President of. Although she plays various roles on campus, Babin prides herself in producing high-quality work.


Can you explain your history with the Gablettes? How has your experience dancing been the past few years?

My sophomore year I got on the team with barely any dance experience, and so simply getting on the team motivated me to constantly work harder. I was never the best but I always strived to be like the other girls in my class; it was challenging but I love it.

What was it like essentially being in command of the entire Mr. CG show?

My sophomore year I was chosen to help Alisa and Savannah who were in charge of the show that year. At the time, I had only seen the show once before and was excited to be a part of it. This year I was excited to be in charge of it because I wanted to exceed everyone’s expectations, especially because we weren’t able to do the show last year.

How was it working with all of the boys over the weeks in preparation?

I honestly grew to love them. They always made me laugh and I looked forward to the practices. Even though they weren’t good at dancing you could tell they were all trying their hardest.

Were you happy with the results of the show and how it turned out?

I was very happy with the results and think the two winners worked very hard for and deserved the title in the end. 

What was your favorite part of the show? 

My favorite part of the show was definitely watching the different talents because I see most of these guys only in my classes, and so it is not every day that you get to see them sing or play a guitar. 

Was there anything you wish you could change about the show?

One thing I would have liked to see is probably another dance with all the guys because it is so funny to watch them on stage. 


Babi is an embodiment of what Gables students strive to be: a hard-working, dedicated, and active member in the school and community. On behalf of all of Gables, we want to thank you for the great show you put on and for all of the time and effort that went into making it as excellent as it was.