The Next Step for the Top Five Percent


Coral Gables SHS

Summa Cum Laude recipients at their Achievement breakfast.

Emily Simon, Staff Writer

Summa Cum Laude is an honor of the highest distinction, administered to those of the graduating class who have displayed great achievement in the area of academics. Representing the top 5% of the class of 2017, these students have been praised with this prestigious title. This label exemplifies the goals of all hardworking students which few receive. The graduating class is composed of hundreds of students, with these diligent few being granted medals that they will then display when walking on graduation day.

Ahumada, Mariam – Florida International University

Alcalay, Ari – University of Florida

Barrios, Oscar – Florida International University

Braun, Mark – University of Florida

Clay, Alexis – Middlebury University

Clement, Natalia – Florida International University

Elortegui, Julian – University of Florida

Estrada, Jose – University of Wisconsin – Stout

Farrell, Annie – Dartmouth College

Field, Olivia – Wake Forest University

Fiske, Sabrina – University of Florida

Horton, Starr – University of Southern California

Junco, Andrea – Babson College

Li, David – MIT

Mannarino, Carlos – University of Florida

Meijaard, Moira – Emory College

Merconchini, Mauro- UPS (that’s not a college)

Moihdeen, Guneet – Mount Holyoke College

Morris, Lane – Wake Forest University

Muria, Albany – University of Miami

Ordonez, Maria – Boston University

Payne, Holden – University of California, Berkeley

Paz, Jake – Davidson College

Pelaez, Olivia – Davidson College

Puig, Jose – Northeastern University

Quesada, Lori- Florida International University

Quevedo, Sofia – Princeton University

Rabell, Alex – Northeastern University

Ramos, Judith- Ohio State University

Ransom, Amy- Michigan State University

Salvatore, Sofia – Earlham College

Santer, Henry – University of Maryland

Scanlon, Sydney – Amherst College

Serio, Christie – University of Central Florida

Skiadas, Nicole – Florida State University

Valmana, Julene – University of Florida

Viscito, Angelica – University of Pennsylvania

Viscito, Caterina – Columbia University

Zagales, Ruth- Florida International University

To further acknowledge the accomplishments of these scholars, a ceremony took place where these 39 students could celebrate their time and effort put into their academic duties. The breakfast was held on Apr. 24 and allowed all these seniors the ability to converse and celebrate their efforts as a whole. These students represent the highest-achieving of their graduating class and this breakfast highlights their past accomplishments and serves as a basis for those successes of the future.