Tour of Kitchens: Cooking Up a Good Time!

Jake Paz, Opinion Editor

Our Rating: A+

The annual Tour of Kitchens showcases the most luxurious homes in Coral Gables to those who are looking for creative interior design ideas, or who just wish to have a fun and relaxing Saturday morning. The Tour of Kitchens was on Feb. 4 and tickets were sold for $60 each. At first this may seem a bit steep, however, it was worth the money to see all the homes and sample food from local restaurants that host cooking demonstrations at each house. After viewing the homes, guests were invited to the closing ceremony where they could sample desserts from restaurants like Seasons 52 and Honeybee Donuts, as well as bid on exclusive items in a silent auction.

“My favorite part of volunteering for Tour of Kitchens was being able to socialize with people older than me, like many of the visitors and event coordinators. Being able to interact with them is an experience different to the ones I encounter as a high school student. It made me feel mature and responsible,” senior Jose Puig said

The Tour of Kitchens was just as engaging for the volunteers as it was for the guests. Volunteers from Coral Gables High and University of Miami were assigned to the different homes and helped make sure the event ran smoothly. Some of the homes even displayed limited edition artworks from famous artists, like Andy Warhol, which made the event feel more like visiting a museum rather than someone’s house.

All proceeds from the Tour of Kitchens went to the Coral Gables Community Foundation where they donate money to scholarships exclusively for students at Gables. This makes the event not only beneficial to interior designers seeking inspiration, but also to Gables students who are looking for money for college.

This year’s Tour of Kitchens was successful and raised a substantial amount of money while offering a fun activity to Gables residents. Keep a look out for next year’s Tour of Kitchens, as it will be as good as this year’s!