Cavalier Globetrotters and Their Adventures During Winter Break 2019

This past winter break, some of our very own Cavaliers embarked on adventures to various different parts of the world.

Amanda Perez, Staff Writer

January 13, 2020

During the 2019 holiday break, students hoped to relax from the academic rigor they faced during the first half of the school year. Everyone anticipated the joy that holidays ultimately bring, with some students even celebrating early by sporting very cheerful holiday sweaters and socks around the school. ...

Traveling Light: Packing Hacks and Tips

Packing is one of the most burdensome and time-consuming aspects of any vacation trip, but it is also one of the most essential. Here are some useful tips to guide you through the vacation-packing process.

Ketty Dones, Staff Writer

October 24, 2019

Traveling light can be helpful during vacations meant to relax, but the packing process beforehand can be stressful. No matter the length of the trip, knowing what to pack and how to pack is essential to reach maximum relaxation mode while traveling. Know Your Luggage Based on the length of yo...

Cavaliers Out For Break: Two Weeks, Three Cities

Winter break is the time to travel

Adriana Meijaard, Staff Writer

January 11, 2018

Winter break flew by, but for some students, it meant literally flying. Though plenty of us enjoyed staying indoors, watching television and sleeping, others took advantage of the extended time off and saw a bit more of the world. Some of our fellow Cavaliers were able to experience the icy winters...

Helpful Tips For Holiday Travel

Winter break is here!

Adriana Meijaard, Staff Writer

December 19, 2017

It is finally winter break, which means that vacation time has arrived! Vacationing out of town is meant to  relax and detach you from your daily schedule, so it is best to get the stress out of the way before going on vacation. To make the most of your holiday getaway it is important to be prepared....

How Fair is Homework Over Break?

How Fair is Homework Over Break?

Laura Rico, Staff Writer

January 16, 2017

When the last bell rings right before a break, everyone runs out of class. Some will travel out of state, others will go see family, and others will choose to stay home and relax. However, whereever you decide to go, or stay, everyone has to deal with homework. Nobody likes homework over any break, b...

Winter Break 2017: Cavs Go Places

Sophomore Angelle Garcia enjoys the California Coast during winter break.

Emily Simon, Staff Writer

January 13, 2017

Winter break is a time when every student looks forward to making great memories, regardless of where they happen. Many students stay at home and go out with friends to local hot spots to turn the time off into a "stay-cation," while others have the opportunity to explore other parts of the country and the...

Packing Made Simple

Pack your bags - it's time to travel!

Mariam Ahumada, Lifestyle Editor

December 28, 2016

Traveler's procrastination is normal, especially in the days leading up to the great getaway. Luckily for you, CavsConnect has a few tips on how to quickly and correctly pack for travel! "I believe in traveling light. I always hate when I have to lug around a big suitcase full of clothes I probably...

Cavs Go Global

Cavs Go Global

Thomas Harley, Staff Writer

August 28, 2016

After a year filled with stressful testing and bittersweet goodbyes, three Cavaliers made refreshing journeys to new places all around the world. Maria Ordonez, Adriana Baumann and Andrea Junco all traveled thousands of miles to encounter some of the most noteworthy places on the globe. Mari...

South Florida Holiday Getaways

Stilitsville is a beautiful location, perfect for a peaceful getaway.

Robert DeDonatis, Staff Writer

December 21, 2014

With the holiday season approaching quickly, everything can get a bit hectic. So, taking a nice and calm vacation close to home may be the perfect holiday escape. Here are some relaxing South Florida holiday getaways that can make your winter break the best one yet! The Keys: No list of soothing places ...

Catch-up With Rafael Gonzalez

Rafael Gonzalez combining his love of frisbee with his love of climbing and parkour at Merrick Park.

Henry Santer, Copy Editor

August 6, 2014

As the summer approaches its end, Cavaliers are beginning to wonder how their peers spent their vacations. CavsConnect caught up with Rafael Gonzalez to find out how his summer break was going. Gonzalez, a rising junior at Gables, spent the first couple weeks of the break recovering from a hard year...

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