Traveling Light: Packing Hacks and Tips


Ketty Dones

Packing is one of the most burdensome and time-consuming aspects of any vacation trip, but it is also one of the most essential. Here are some useful tips to guide you through the vacation-packing process.

Ketty Dones, Staff Writer

Traveling light can be helpful during vacations meant to relax, but the packing process beforehand can be stressful. No matter the length of the trip, knowing what to pack and how to pack is essential to reach maximum relaxation mode while traveling.

Know Your Luggage

Based on the length of your trip, you can determine which variation of luggage to take with you on vacation. The smaller the luggage is, the lighter you will be forced to pack. Knowing what fits inside your bag can limit your stress beforehand during the packing stage. Organized luggage sets are available and they are referred to as packing cubes, which are smaller bags and can organize a  stuffed suitcase into categories.

How to Pack Lighter 

Before your ultimate vacation, planning outfits and creating a list will help you be on track with keeping your luggage pounds to a minimum. Rolling your clothing and packing them neatly will save space allowing for more clothing to fit or just simply having a lighter luggage. Laying layers of clothing on a flat surface will make the folding process easier, allowing you to fold more than one item at once. Everyone has different ways of saving space. It is recommended to use any small space you can find to fit your things. For example, packing socks inside your shoes can save additional space.

“Packing for trips is difficult,yet when I pack, I always pack my items in Ziploc bags labeled by different days that i am going to wear the outfits. This allows more space in my luggage for shoes and toiletries I need for the trip,” senior Isabella Gonzalez-Lansing said.

Know Your Items

At times it can be difficult deciding which outfits to take to your getaway. Many are known for over-packing, but this can be prevented by planning your shirts, pants, shoes and accessories ahead of time. It is important for you to acknowledge different outfit coordination with the amount of clothing that is available to you. When certain of an item you want to bring, it is key to prioritize that item and continue packing what is necessary.  The process is quicker and easier when you know what to bring ahead of time.

“Knowing your items makes it less hectic when it is time to finally pack. Knowing what to pack makes it easier to travel freely with less stress and more space in your luggage as you know exactly what you want to bring on the trip,” sophomore Isabella Toledo said.

Currently, “roll and fold” is the leading method for the best packing experience. Knowing how to get things done correctly can not only save time and stress, but it can also enhance your traveling experience.

For any further guidance on packing tips and tricks, you can always check out the video tutorial above for a visual on how to pack correctly in just two minutes.

Bon voyage!