Packing Made Simple


Pack your bags – it’s time to travel!

Mariam Ahumada, Lifestyle Editor

Traveler’s procrastination is normal, especially in the days leading up to the great getaway. Luckily for you, CavsConnect has a few tips on how to quickly and correctly pack for travel!

“I believe in traveling light. I always hate when I have to lug around a big suitcase full of clothes I probably won’t end up wearing,” junior Savannah Payne said.

I believe in packing heavy just in case something happens and I have to stay for a longer time, or another activity that wasn’t planned occurs and I have the right outfit. So I try to always use up as much space in my suitcase as possible.

— Vanessa Comas

Tip #1: Pack Light! On every trip, you will meet two types of travelers: those who packed light, and those who wish they had. It’s important to pack smart, and packing light is really the only way. Take some time to spread out all the items you think you might need on your living-room floor, and ask yourself: “Will I use this enough that I will not regret packing it?” rather than “Will I use this?” Otherwise, you will end up “needing” everything on your floor. For more on packing light, check out Rick Steves’ Packing List.

“The one item I cannot go without when I travel is my blanket. Since I’m sleeping on a bed that’s not my own, in order for me to feel comfortable and at home I need to sleep with my blanket” senior Vanessa Comas said.

Tip #2: Roll, don’t Fold. Rolling clothes is a more effective alternative to folding. When you begin to pack, remember to tightly roll up your clothes. Not only does it take up less valuable space, but it prevents your clothes from getting deep wrinkled.

Tip #3: Fill Dead Space. When packing, avoid leaving dead space. Try to make use of every inch of suitcase space you can. A great tip is to roll your underwear, socks, or even shirts, and stuff them into your shoes (making sure your shoes are clean, of course).

Tip #4: Prevent Liquid Leaks. We all dread the moment when our shampoo, conditioner or deodorant leaks all over our clothes, especially when we could have prevented it. To prevent this, take the lids off liquid bottle and add a layer of plastic wrap over the bottle opening before sealing it again. For even more protection, place all liquid bottles in a Ziplock bag, so even if any liquids bypass the plastic wrap, they won’t spill all over your suitcase.

Tip #5: Bring Empty Bottles. No matter where you travel to, there will always be the fear of getting robbed, especially if that something is money or your passport. An easy way to prevent this is to store your important items in an empty bottle. It’s inconspicuous, and if you ever were to be robbed, chances are the thief left your bottles unchecked.

Tip #6: Spruce up Your Suitcase. You never want to be faced with the crisis of searching through the airport baggage carousel and not being able to find your suitcase next to its identical partners. There is no need to go above and beyond – a simple ribbon or sticker will do. It is okay to keep it simple, just as long as you recognize your suitcase among the rest. 

“My grandmother used to tie ribbons to our bags, so we do that a lot. My suitcase is a plain black one, so it is easily mistaken for others. The colorful ribbon helps!” junior Savannah Payne said.

Packing might just be one of the most tedious tasks of all. Some people can do it in a matter of minutes, others take hours; no matter what, it is important to remember is to pack for the trip you want to take.