Tesla vs. Volkswagen – Tesla Getting Company?


Patrick Heydasch

VW displays its new ID4, an all-electric SUV designed for the average American, to compete with Tesla.

Patrick Heydasch, Staff Writer

As more car companies strive to reach the goal of 0% carbon emissions, only less than a handful has neared or reached that goal. Tesla’s long lineup of different performing electric vehicles, all reliable and varying prices, has been dominant in the EV industry. Now, Volkswagen has entered the competition with their attempt at an affordable and reliable EV. With VW’s latest and popular electric vehicle SUV, Tesla will be forced into competition to see the better EV manufacturer.

Our Rating: ID.4: B+, Model Y: A

Tesla’s Model Y, A fully EV SUV, starts at $50,000 for the extended range model, which is the cheapest model available. However, if the Tesla vehicle is purchased in California, you will receive $7,000 as a rebate when purchasing an electric vehicle through the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. Leasing the vehicle will cost around $500 per month for 36 months.

VW’s ID.4 starts at $39,995, an attempt by VW to create an affordable electric SUV for the average consumer. The ID.4 can be as low as $32,495 after tax credits. Leasing the vehicle will cost $379 a month for 36 months. Volkwagen’s ID.4 is cheaper for consumers and can interest more average consumers to purchase their vehicle.

Winner: Volkswagen

“The price of the Volkswagen definitely gives it an advantage, as it is a lot cheaper, and can make it more affordable for ordinary people,” sophomore Luis Tobar said.

The Model Y can go an estimated 316 miles on one full charge, which takes 75 minutes to charge fully. The top speed is 135 mph on 346 horsepower and can accelerate to 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds.

The ID.4 comes with 201 horsepower and goes 250 miles on one full charge, which charges fully 45 minutes. The top speed is 100 mph and goes 0-60 mph in ~8 seconds. The quickness of the Model Y allows it to be more versatile and can allow for better performance.

Winner: Tesla

“I think the Tesla has an advantage in terms of performance, as it is an EV, and can accelerate faster, while also conserving the environment,” sophomore Nathaniel Leiva.

The Model Y has an optional tow hitch, which is capable of towing 3,500 lbs. A popular feature that is very new to the car market is autopilot for an additional $8,000, the Tesla’s ability to fully self-drive on highways and parking lots. The autopilot enables the Tesla to steer, accelerate and brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians. There is no dashboard, instead a 15-inch touchscreen displaying all features of the Tesla, with the ability to navigate the internet, streaming services, and play music, as well as an expansive all-glass roof.

The ID.4 comes with a 10-inch touchscreen, which controls navigation, music, lighting and smartphone connectivity. The “Advanced Driver Assistance Technologies” helps the driver with braking and accelerating and a panoramic fixed glass roof. The features of the Model Y are single handedly better and offer more convenient and modern options compared to the ID.4

Winner: Tesla

Overall, Volkwagen’s fully electric ID.4 is an excellent beginner vehicle for those who want to get into electric vehicles and help the environment. The price is lower than the Tesla but lacks many features compared to the Tesla. The Model Y offers a lot more features, most notably, the autopilot. However, both EVs are a step in the right direction, regardless of which one is chosen.

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