Best Shows to Watch With Limited Time


Alexander Tabares

These shows are short enough to watch during the few weeks before the school year begins.

Alexander Tabares, Staff Writer

The dreaded months of quarantine will soon be over, as it will be replaced with a brand new school year. Until then, watching shows that can be finished before the start of school will be a helpful way to pass the time. Even if you feel like you have exhausted all your options over the last few months, here are some great lesser known shows to keep you entertained.

 Mr. Bean: Hulu/ Amazon Prime

In this hilarious 15 episode show, a man with a child-like manor tries to function in the real world. His actions lead to others being put into harms way; all with a comedic and slapstick spin. The show was originally broadcasted by the British Broadcasting Company on Jan. 1, 1990. Despite its age, the comedy is still able to stay relevant and inventive. The show stars Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean. He is a physical comedic actor in the vein of Charlie Chaplin. Similarly, Mr. Bean rarely speaks, but Atkinson is somehow able to drive the story without words. The show is well worth the watch and deserves to be revered as a classic of modern comedy.

“I remember watching Mr. Bean as a child and finding it so funny. Now that I am a teenager, I still love watching it; the comedy is still funny to me,” sophomore Nathaniel Leiva said.

The Office (UK): Hulu

The predecessor to the ever-popular show with the same name, The Office is about co-workers at a dead-end job. They each have a depressive nature, which leads to the cringe comedy this show is famous for. The show was also broadcasted by the British Broadcasting Company; with it airing on July 9, 2001. Unlike the American version, this show is not a cheerful look at corporate life. That is to say that it takes a more negative viewpoint on office life. The British version is also a lot shorter than its American counterpart. The show lasts only 14 episodes, coming to an abrupt conclusion. It is definitely worth a watch for anyone that has seen the American show.

Cowboy Bebop: Hulu

Cowboy Bebop would be classified as an Anime, as it is a Japanese cartoon show. This statement, while true, does not consider the classic western tropes that this piece of media includes.  This 26-episode series has all of the aspects of an amazing American television series. The characters transform during the events of the show, which happen seemingly at random. Despite this, each episode adds depth and humanity to the characters, allowing the viewer to relate to them. The music is masterfully crafted and mixed into the on screen events, adding more weight to them.

“The music has this country feel to it that is so different in style to the actual show, but it fits so well to me,” sophomore Parker Grossman said.

Cowboy Bebop takes place in the near future, where flying cars and highways around the solar system are common. The juxtaposition of beautiful landscapes and amazing new technologies with the dark seedy underbelly of the crime world and very human emotions make for a captivating series. The show also mixes different genres; blending action, adventure, drama and comedy together. The seamless end product of this mix is an amazing and thought-provoking show, regardless of its cartoon like exterior.