It Just Makes Sense: Juicense


Natalia Rodriguez

Juicense is currently open in Coconut Grove, and is expanding.

Natalia Rodriguez, Reviews Editor

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Our Rating: A

With the increasing popularity of “clean eating”, juice bars have been popping up at almost every corner. Seeing as Miami is a city that wholeheartedly embraces every new or popular food trend, it only makes sense that the city is already home to a plethora of juice bars. Among the myriad of juice bars is Juicense. Focused on serving healthier options made with organic and raw ingredients, Juicense not only makes a variety of cold pressed juices, but it also offers a menu filled with delicious and guilt-free options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Conveniently located in the heart of Coconut Grove, Juicense is well-known for the healthy options that are available on the menu. The menu is divided into the made-to-order food, and foods that have already been prepared. When it comes to the prepackaged foods, they offer a wide variety of cold pressed juices and nutmilks and several different kinds of salads and snacks. While these foods are already packaged, they are still made fresh in the mornings, making them a great choice when you are trying not to sacrifice quality for convenience.

“Sometimes when I don’t have enough time to sit down and eat, I’ll get a juice or some of their granola snacks. They’re really good and I think it’s a great snack,” junior Karina Wu said.

What Juicense is most well known for, however, is probably their açai bowls and smoothies. The açai bowls are arguably the best in the city of Miami. Unlike many competing juice bars, the base of the açai bowls at Juicense are never watered down with ice, and they always have the perfect ratio of toppings to base. Personally, the best topping option is the “Get Happy” bowl since it comes with their homemade coconut chia granola, strawberries, cacao nibs and banana slices. Their smoothies are also worth a try; one smoothie can leave you feeling full for hours.

“I love açai bowls and I’ve had them at many different places, but I think that Juicense has the best because of their granola,” senior Catherine Healy said.

If you’re looking for a more substantial meal, Juicense also has plenty of menu items that make for hearty breakfasts and lunch. The almond butter toast is a must try. Almond butter is carefully spread over warm and toasted multigrain bread, and the toasts are then topped off with sliced strawberries, bananas and blueberries. To top it all off, they are drizzled in honey. The simplicity of the toast is what makes it so delicious- all of the ingredients perfectly complement each other, and each of their flavors are allowed to shine equally.

The quality of all of Juicense’s products is definitely what sets it apart from its competitors. Their commitment to ensuring that they use the highest quality ingredients definitely contributes to the taste of the food; as is true with any restaurant, better ingredients always guarantee better food. Unfortunately, for those of us who have rather limited budgets, certain products, such as the smoothies and açai bowls, can be a bit pricey, with açai bowls starting at $11.75 and smoothies starting at $11. However, it is important to keep in mind that you are paying for the quality which makes it worth every penny.

If you are looking for a healthy meal that will make your heart and stomach happy, Juicense is the place to go.