Three Ideas to Get a Date to Homecoming


Camilo Bacca

Homecoming tickets are selling fast so make sure to buy your ticket !

Kelly Hanley, Staff Writer

As the Homecoming Dance approaches, a lot of students are struggling to come up with creative and thoughtful ideas on how to ask that special someone. Luckily, CavsConnect has three unique ways to score your dream date.

“[My date] wrote out ‘Homecoming’ with fake rose petals and was standing next to it with flowers and chocolate. It was really romantic and I love how he really thought everything through and really tried to make me as happy as possible – which I was,”  junior Daniella Munoz said.

Method One: Breaking the Ice

  1. Write a note. It can be a nice poem expressing how you feel or a simple a one worded note with the question “Homecoming?”
  2. Laminate your note. This will come in handy once you commence the operation. Make sure that your note is completely water proof.
  3. Fill a clear container (a water bottle usually works best) with water. Once it is filled, place your note inside.
  4. Freeze the container overnight.  The next day, give it to the person you’re asking. Make sure you give the person you’re asking the icy container as early as you can, in order to avoid the ice from melting. Once he or she opens it, say something clever such as “Now that we’ve broken the ice, will you go to homecoming with me?”

Method Two: Lighten up Their Day

  1. Get a package of 50-100 small inexpensive candles. Be sure to know the exact address of the person you are inviting to Homecoming. Make sure to ask their parents for permission in order to avoid an awkward encounter.
  2. Spell out “Homecoming?” with the candles in their driveway (make sure you’re far from flammable objects).  A long lighter is recommended for the amount of candles needed to be lit, although simple matches will work too.
  3. Once you have lit the candles, call him or her on the phone or find a way to get them outside so that they can see the candles. Once they’ve read the message, say something like “You light up my day. Would you light up homecoming for me?”

Method Three: Feeling Lighter than Air

  1. Purchase balloons. The amount of balloons you will be buying depends on the amount of space the place you will be leaving them has. If you plan to leave them in a car you, should get about four or five balloons, whereas for a bedroom you should get six to eight balloons. If he or she likes a certain color, get balloons in that color to add a thoughtful touch to your invitation.
  2. Get a few things that they like such as a certain candy, a drawing, or a necklace – anything thoughtful they would enjoy.
  3. Put the objects into the balloon, and inflate them. If you have trouble with the balloons, take your items to a grocery store and ask for help. Tie ribbons at the end of the balloons, and use scissors to curl the ends.
  4. Tie a needle to one of the ribbons to let them know they have to pop the balloons.
  5.  Attach a note to one of the balloons. It can be something witty, such as “Like the balloons, you take my breath away. Will you go to Homecoming with me?”

Some students this year have completely surprised their dates with original proposals.

“I purposely gave her an attitude of not wanting to go to Homecoming for a week. I went with a friend and convinced Mrs. Suarez to let me buy her ticket for her in order to surprise her. So when she went to buy her ticket, she was told it was already paid for and was handed the ticket. On the back of the ticket was a note from me saying ‘I love you, from your pup,’ which is a nickname she has for me. I’m really glad everything ran smoothly, and I’m so excited for Homecoming,”  senior Nestor Justiniani said.

The Homecoming Dance is exciting, but the thrill of inviting someone can be just as fun. It pushes students out of their comfort zones, giving them a chance to tell someone how they feel about them. Although ticket sales have finished, students still have a chance to get the date of their dreams.