The End-Zone in Friend-Zone

At times, it can be difficult to navigate new relationships.

Mia Galex, Staff Writer

September 7, 2016

Not every couple works out like Chandler and Monica from Friends. Dating within friend groups often leads to conflict and jealousy, but luckily here are a few tips that may help: In the beginning stages of a relationship, it may be hard to find a way to tell your friends, but it is a lot easier t...

Three Ideas to Get a Date to Homecoming

Homecoming tickets are selling fast so make sure to buy your ticket !

Kelly Hanley, Staff Writer

September 25, 2014

As the Homecoming Dance approaches, a lot of students are struggling to come up with creative and thoughtful ideas on how to ask that special someone. Luckily, CavsConnect has three unique ways to score your dream date. "[My date] wrote out 'Homecoming' with fake rose petals and was standing next...

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