Ways To Increase Your Metabolism


Bryce Scanlon

Tomato’s, Asparagus, and Mushroom’s are healthy foods known to help increase your metabolism

Bryce Scanlon, Staff Writer

In Miami, it’s always bikini weather! Looking good and feeling good about your own body is on the top of the resolutions’ list. Many blame their slow metabolism for their inability to lose weight. However, your metabolism rate can be easily altered.

Your metabolism is a series of complex enzymes and hormones which convert your food into energy, and controls how efficiently you burn that energy. Metabolism controls the rate in which we burn those calories. Everyone’s body is different, and therefore, we all gain and lose weight at different rates.Mushroom are healthy foods known to help increase your metabolism.

It’s been proven that the more you weigh, the faster you lose weight due to the fact that your body requires more energy to perform its daily functions.Therefore, you have a high metabolism, but is it possible for it to go even higher? A series of methods are known to boost your metabolism healthfully and safely.

  • Switch up your diet: Green tea and black coffee are known to be able to temporarily boost your metabolism rate and cause you to lose up to 15% more calories during that short period of time. Protein and spicy foods, such as fish and chili peppers, are both known to increase your metabolism rate because your body requires more energy to digest such. Healthy snacking is known to help you lose more weight and boost your metabolism; it is suggested to eat a series of small healthy foods throughout the day instead of three intense meals.
  • Stay Hydrated: Many people underestimate the amount of importance that water has in your body’s metabolism. Water is needed by the body to perform all of its functions, and once dehydrated, your body slows down and performs at a slower rate. Can’t seem to remember to drink your daily 8 cups of water? Then, try munching on some fruits such as apples which are filled with water.
  • Exercise: Staying active also constantly keeps your body productive. You can easily increase your metabolism by just setting aside time every day to work out and gain muscle. If you’re not into gaining muscle, try switching to aerobic exercises or go for a run around your neighborhood . 

Our metabolism plays a vital role in the rate at which consumed goods are converted into energy. Men and women both face the issue of wanting to increase their metabolism . In our world, where health and fitness is emphasized, we look for easy methods to lose weight. However, nothing important is ever easy, and changing your lifestyle will always impact you more than taking the easy way out.