Chill Out And Reach Higher: Relieve Your Stress


Sabrina Ochoa

Sophomore Sophia Castro takes time to study for an upcoming Spanish test while practicing the best way to prepare for an exam; with silence!

Sabrina Ochoa, Business Manager

We all have it in our own ways: stress. Whether it comes to you from school, social pressure, or home, stress is stress, and it is able to reach a level where it can be too much for one person to handle. A large amount of stress can hinder your success in accomplishing any of your desired goals. When striving to achieve something, there are always points where pressure increases, and you are in a tight situation as you try to accomplish it all in the best way possible. Such can be when pulling together a last minute project but needing to earn a B or higher to pass the class. Here are three sure-fire ways to avoid the pressures that stress can bring on and succeed in your greatest endeavors:

1.Manage your life! Sure it sounds cheesy and cliché , but think about it- the only way to stop feeling overwhelmed is to take control. Take time to organize your book bag and room; make your desk area clear (clearing the visual clutter will clear the mental one). Buy an agenda to write your homework and to-do lists in ,and if you prefer to use your phone, you can download a free app called “myHomework Student Planner” where you can even put in block schedule days and deadlines, organized by date and urgency. We all know that high school students are recognized for their tendencies to procrastinate, but most of the time, that all-nighter that you pulled to cram for your Final Exam will have you feeling terrible the next day and has a high chance of backfiring! Stop playing games on your PS4 or Xbox One and get to work!

“It’s pretty obvious when a student turns in work that was completed at the last minute. Usually the handwriting starts off legible and then takes a turn for the worst. Procrastination hurts the student because they don’t get the practice they need to get better. How can a teacher improve a student’s work/skill if the teacher doesn’t see the full potential the student gives?” Mrs. Lauren Noval said.

2. Sleep, Eat, Drink, Repeat. We all hear it repeated to us like a broken record, “Sleep is important for teens.” This hits us hard at about 6 am every weekday when we have to make it to school on time. The lack of sleep students experience is due to several things: procrastination, distractions, large amounts of homework, and again distractions. Research shows that the amount of sleep teens are getting affects them academically , and although teens don’t need nine and a half hours of sleep, studies show, at least seven is required. Without the required seven hours of sleep, students would be falling behind on their work and dozing off during class. Staying hydrated and healthy is also a large part about meeting your goals and achieving your best. It’s recommended to drink 8 liters of water a day. Although this seems like a lot of water, drinking at least 2 liters should be sufficient in order to keep your blood flowing and strengthen your immune system. Click here to discover the benefits hydrating yourself has on your immune system.

“Sleeping less than usual makes the next day extremely unbalanced for me. I feel as if I’m missing something and don’t know what it is. Due to the fact that I’m really sleepy and tired the next day, I can’t perform my daily activities as quickly as I normally would. Sleeping more gives me the strength and drive to wake up and get things done. Kind of like when you’re low on gas, you feel as if your car doesn’t perform to it’s full capacity. When I sleep more, I’m full of energy,” junior Valerie Montesino said.

3. Relax, Revive, Renew! When the stress piles up, relaxation is needed. Yoga, meditation, and other breathing or exercise techniques can help release all the tenseness and stress from your body. Going for a run can work as great cardio ,but it also helps your blood flow and keeps your oxygen levels high. If you’re less of an active person or are tired of constantly being on the move, taking a soothing bath or simply lighting a candle can be just what’s needed for a 20 minute break. Don’t relax too long or you may fall behind on your responsibilities and become even more stressed out later! As for the music enthusiast, make a playlist of songs with slow beats or tracks that make you feel laid-back and listen to it for a while to escape your world of stress. Picking out your favorite movies and eating your favorite junk food can also relax you and give you some time to leave out all that thinking, so bring out the Nutella and Netflix! Another way to rid yourself from stress is to speak to a friend or family member. Just tell that person your problems, let it all out! Sometimes, a pep-talk is all you need to get your mind and body back into the groove of things and stop from feeling overwhelmed.

“It’s good to get rid of stress because stress can cause drowsiness ,and keep you preoccupied when you only have a limited time on this earth so you should enjoy it and not dwell on anything. To get rid of my stress, I usually take a bubble bath ,or sit in the hammock and listen to chill music like progressive house,” sophomore John Fernandez said.

These stress-relievers are simple steps anyone can take in order to do better in or out of school. Stress is what pushes people to strive for the best, but too much of it can drive you up a wall and hinder your success. In order to keep yourself feeling your best, remember to put your well-being first ,and use those methods to diminish your stress levels; stay organized, healthy, and relaxed.