College Signing: Class of 2015

On Thursday, April 9, the annual College Signing took place in the gym where seniors who worked so hard to be awarded scholarships or accepted into any four year college could finally celebrate together and have fun.

“I had a great time at the College Signing since it was really fun participating in all the events. My favorite had to have been the three-legged race since it reminded my friend and I of all the time we spent working on our foot timing for marching band,” senior Felipe Ferreira said.

As the seniors walked into the gym they were given a brief introduction by our Principal Mr. Costa and the event’s hosts Alejandro Arzola and Mrs. Barrow. The seniors then began participating in games like musical chairs, dodge ball, tug-of-war, three-legged races and the hula hoop contest. Each game had approximately 1-2 winners, each of which were given gift cards as a prize.

“I enjoyed the musical chairs because it was so funny watching people get so competitive. I think that we definitely deserve some fun before tests begin just to loosen up and celebrate that we’re finally moving on to another big and exciting part of our lives,” senior Nina Llado said.

After the games concluded, seniors were given bagels and cream cheese to enjoy as breakfast. They promptly resumed to signing the huge Class of 2015 banner that was later hung in the front of the school. The event ended with a brief birthday surprise for Mrs. Stack.

These seniors were able to enjoy their morning with enthusiasm and loads of amusement which was definitely deserved after accomplishing the one of more challenging feats as a high school student: college acceptance.