Gablettes and Dance Classes Host Fall Frolics

On Nov. 23, the long awaited Fall Frolics Show took place inside the auditorium of Coral Gables Elementary school. Concessions stands outside the auditorium provided the audience with delicious snacks before the show. When doors finally opened at 6:30, family and friends of the performers hurried in to secure good seats.

The show was kicked off with with a performance by the Gablettes dancing to Confident. The performance began with the senior Gablettes, then followed with the remaining grades. Each dance consisted of various choreographed dancing techniques that left the audience in awe.

“I was nervous to be that one guy who messes up and ruins the entire performance but I did well and so did all the other guys.  We didn’t do bad at all and all the other dancers were so good too. Bhangra slaughtered me and the dance that Marisel Lavizzari, Melvin Taylor and Stephanie Acosta were in stole the show,” senior Gablette Sweetheart Gabriel Mariño said.

One of the most admired performances of the night was the Gablettes and their Sweethearts dancing to Cops and Robbers. With all the enthusiasm and charisma, their performance didn’t disappoint. They also performed a dance in remembrance of Natalie Pacheco.

“Well [the Gablettes] were amazing, everyone did great overall & Bhangra was really surprising with the interesting dance. I really enjoyed watching all the performances,” junior Sofia Salvatore said.

Five or so dancers from the third and fourth year dance classes performed. There was also a performance by the Bhangra team, the Indian dance team here at Gables, dancing to Nagada Sang Dhol. The Gablettes once again took the stage and concluded the show with a performance to Hold My Hand.

“The preparation for our dance was very difficult since Bhangra was trying out a new dance style that the team wasn’t accustomed to. However after all the hard work, the team’s performance turned out to be a success,” sophomore Bhangra dancer Melanie Wu said.

After all the hard work and dedication that was put into preparing for the show, it all paid off in the end. Don’t miss out on next year’s Fall Frolics!