Recap: Week of Feb. 9 – Feb. 15


2/9-2/15 News Stories

Daniela Quijano, Editor

International Affairs

  • Costa Concordia captain convicted in deadly shipwreck

The Costa Concordia shipwreck in January 2012 off the coast of Italy claimed the lives of 32 people and Captain Francesco Schettino is being charged with manslaughter after an 19 month trial. Schettino abandoned the ship after the accident, his charges include 16 years in prison and payment of court costs. Read more here.

  • Ukraine Ceasefire deal reached

After 17 hours of dialogue on Thursday, February 5, Ukraine reached a Ceasefire consensus that will start on Sunday, February 15 and consists of the withdrawal of weapons from both Russian back forces and Ukrainian separatists. More here.

Because the Nigerian military stated it could not ensure citizens security on the day of the elections, the national elections are to be delayed by six weeks until March 28.

  • ISIS plot to attack Belgium

Three suspected Belgian ISIS veterans were fond in an apartment in eastern Belgium. The apartment housed automatic weapons and explosive chemicals. A major terrorist attack was being plotted by the three men. Read more here.

Domestic Affairs

Due to an alleged dispute over parking, 3 muslim students were shot in the head near UNC Chapel Hill. The shooter, Craig Stephen Hicks, states that the shooting had nothing to do with the students’ faith.

President Obama’s proposal authorizes the war on ISIS in order to highlight the United States’ determination to stop ISIS. The authorization allows for the use of military force but not for the deployment of troops in Iraq or Syria.

The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it is launching a campaign to preserve the endangered monarch butterfly. The initiative will help plant milkweed and greenery to serve as housing for the butterflies.

  • Cuddling Convention Offers Platonic Snuggles

“Cuddle Con”, a cuddling convention will occur in Portland Oregon where more than 100 people will attend to cuddle strangers during Valentine’s day. The ‘platonic’ convention will last 12 hours and is expected to bring the benefits of cuddling to people.

  • 60 minutes correspondent, Bob Simon, dies at 60 in a fatal car crash

Simon died in a fatal car crash in New York. He had been the correspondent who covered both the Vietnam and Gulf Wars. Simons seems to have died from head and neck trauma during the accident. Red more here.