Fall Frolics 2014

The annual performance show Fall Frolics took place on Nov. 25, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium. As the lights dimmed and all eyes were focused on the stage, the show finally began. After long hours of practice and hard work, dance groups such as the Gablettes, Bhangra and featured dance classes were ready to take the stage.

The show kicked off with a performance by the Gablettes, dancing to ‘Must be Love’, followed by a Color Guard ensemble to ‘Feeling Good’. The senior Gablettes then performed, consecutively followed by the remaining grade levels.

“We started working on the techniques since June. Since August, we have been practicing our routines one at a time. Everyone does their part and even though we had to make a few changes everyone came together at the end,” senior Allyssa Dobkins said.

One of the most loved performances of the night was by the Gablette Groupies dancing to ‘We Got the Beat’. The groupies had everyone in the crowd pumped up and ready to cheer on the Gablettes in their next performance. The 3rd and 4th year Gablette members went on with the show and then it was followed by the 1st and 2nd year members. Next up, was Gables’ newest Indian dance team: Bhangra, which was recently initiated by sophomores Bhargavi Pochi and Guneet Moihdeen, in hopes of expanding the Indian culture throughout the school.

“Bhangra completely blew me away, I have seen them practicing after school so I knew they were good but their performance was absolutely incredible. I know of many students including myself who regret not joining,” junior Eleonor Bauwens said

To continue with the night of talents, student dancers from various dance class periods performed. To then spice up the night, Cav Crash runner up: Los Movimientos, consisting of senior baseball players: Raymond Gonzalez, Yoan Gonzalez, Robert Montes, Elih Marrero and Anthony Valdes, performed to a mash-up of popular songs. Sistas With Attitude (S.W.A.) proceeded to take the stage. Finally, the show came to an end with the long-awaited performance by the Gablettes and their Sweethearts.

With a night full of dancers, the audience was left mesmerized. Don’t forget to catch next year’s Fall Frolics!