Say ‘Hola’ to Hispanic Heritage

Kelly Hanley- Staff Writer and Camilo Bacca, Logan Morris, Rachel Hernando, Bryce Scanlon- Photographers

On Oct. 29, 2014, Cavaliers of various backgrounds gathered to celebrate the Hispanic culture, filling the rows of the auditorium. Juniors Joshua Zambrano and Maria Estrada were the masters of ceremonies (MC’s) for the event, and cracked a significant amount of jokes to assure that it would be more of a celebration rather than a lesson. Like the past three years, the show was planned by fashion teacher Ms. Monzon, but this year, a large amount of input came from Estrada, who assisted Monzon in selecting acts and creating a script.

“I feel like the show went as planned, if not better. I’m glad everyone shared laughs and pride throughout the whole thing,” Monzon said.

All of the Spanish-speaking countries were represented in the show. Bolivia, Uruguay and Puerto Rico are just a few of the 20 countries mentioned and represented in a flag ensemble. To entertain the crowd, the MC’s showed powerpoints and other visual presentations for each country. Junior Nicole Gonzalez, sang a cover of a Spanish song, “Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti” and senior Francis Perez sang “Looking for Paradise” accompanied by her very own friend and guitarist Michael Marquez. There were also featured performances by S.W.A., the Band of Distinction, Gables Color Guard and the Gablettes. To top it all off, board members of the National Spanish Honor Society performed a personalized dance to a compilation of Spanish songs.

“I was so happy to see my country represented. I enjoyed being surrounded by people that not only share my culture, but also have something different in their own culture. The show was really funny, and I learned a lot about my background and the background of my peers,” freshman Ambar Calle said.

As a finalé a sing-along version of “Cielito Lindo” occurred as those who had previously performed gathered on stage to celebrate the culture which they all embody. The show was considered a success, and those who attended surely enjoyed the performances, as was intended.