The City That Never Sleeps

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Sabrina Ochoa, Business Manager

On January 16, 2014, around approximately 6:00 a.m., a group of 17 fashion students and 3 chaperones boarded an airplane to the city that never sleeps. Planning to visit colleges and enjoy New York City, the group walked and walked through the city as they shopped,viewed major landmarks and toured a few colleges.

When visiting the city, the group toured several colleges that related to their fashion course. Taking time out of their trip to explore The Fashion Institute of Technology and The Art Institute of New York, the group added an extra school to the list for the first time this year, Columbia University. Although the students’ adviser, Ayleen Monzon, was unable to join them on the trip due to her pregnancy stage, she took part in planning the trip day by day.

“I started doing this trip in 2004 when a few of my students wanted to see the fashion schools in New York City. Since then it has grown to be more of a college tour including Columbia University. Next year, I hope to add NYU. It’s important to do this trip in New York so they can see 3-4 fashion schools where everywhere else there is only one school. In Miami, we only have one fashion school (the Art Institute), and my students have exposure to that school already because they visit our school,” fashion teacher, Mrs. Ayleen Monzon said.

One thing New York is known for is the food. The students indulged New York-style pizza, Italian cuisine, and classic American Burgers. Not to mention, the occasional hot dog. The group of students also enjoyed other well-known New York activities; for instance, attending a Broadway show. Each year, the group going to New York selects which show they would like to see most. This year, the group chose Cinderella. The classic Disney fairy tale had a bit of romance and a hint of comedy, which left the group laughing throughout the night.

“Cinderella was an enjoyable show. The atmosphere was different; it tended to lean to the comedic aspect rather than romance, and it had a bit of a plot twist,” junior Nicole Sanchez said.

Because the group of students were fashion students, they were mostly excited for shopping. They visited all the major stores, including Forever 21 which holds four floors in Times Square. Even if they had to take the subway to get there, the shopping trips were always glamorous. This group took the phrase “Shop Till You Drop” very seriously.

“Shopping in New York is different from shopping in Miami because you’re in a fashion district. Everyone is doing their own thing, wearing different fashion styles, and everyone is all here for the same reason: to express themselves,” junior Valerie Montesino said.

The four day, three night trip was filled with cold weather, laughter, and lots of walking. Memories were made by the boatload, and the group was even graced with a bit of snowfall. Also surprising, on the plane ride back, the group was lucky enough to fly nearby former Miami Dolphins player, Dan Marino. Overall, this year’s Fashion New York Trip was quite the action-packed, memorable school trip one can only imagine.