Politics shouldn’t go above relationships

Opposing political views are causing a great divide in America, and regardless of differing views, politics shouldn’t define relationships

Emilys Gil

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September 14, 2020

Isabella Morales/ highlights

     The beginning of the new decade has been nothing short of scandalous in the political world. From being on the brink of World War III only the third day into the year to the impeachment of our current president– America has never been more divided. The unnecessary conflicts that have ascended between personal relationships due to opposing political views is loathsome. There is nothing more immature and dangerous to today’s society than dropping those we love– family, friends and significant others– because they have different views on how the government should be handled.

     The rise of Generation Z during the Black Lives Matter movement fueled the current political upheaval with their undeniable support for protests and basic human rights. The act of dropping friends based on opposing political views is something this generation does not shy away from. This is a result of Generation Z being the most racially and ethnically diverse as demonstrated by the Pew Research Center, which states that only 52% of the population is non-Hispanic white, so they are less likely to allow discriminatory treatment.

     Although they have proven to be the most educated and progressive in terms of change, Generation Z’s hobby of cancelling others may lead to a bigger divide for future generations. Their refusal to accept politicians who put in minimal effort for their own personal gain, regardless of political affiliation, is what the nation is currently witnessing in the 2020 presidential election between U.S. President Donald J. Trump and former U.S. Vice President Joseph R. Biden. “Settle for Biden,” seems to be the phrase Gen Z favors when showing support for Biden’s political campaign.

     Politics are extremely important in today’s society as human rights hang in the air, but they should not be a driving force when it comes to splitting up relationships or even friendships. It is important to remember that everyone is raised differently. People’s upbringings, cultures and religious beliefs are all factors that determine their political stance. A person who was raised in a politically inactive household has had the opportunity to decide for themselves what their political views are, whereas a person raised in a politically active household has been raised to think a certain way and that is something that cannot be changed. No matter what their views are, everyone should be respected, despite how much one may disagree.

     “I do not care what your views are. It does not matter how much I disagree or how much it incenses me or how much I feel that people are dehumanizing others. I will not do that myself. I will not allow people to change and create hatred in our hearts,” U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said to the House floor as a response to Representative Ted Yoho’s sexist verbal abuse.

     Generation Z is characterized by their liberal views, but that does not account for all of them. Living in a country where everything is politicized and certain states are run by Republicans, it is no surprise that there are still a few of those a part of Generation Z who have more traditional views. Opposing political views could possibly cause a divide within the generation the more people drop their friends and family. When will the American people come together, rather than creating a bottomless pit of hatred and disagreement?

     “Whether you drop your friends [or not] based on their political views is completely your decision, but if there comes a time where their political views start to make you feel uncomfortable being around them, I think that’s the point where you should drop them. It isn’t okay for you to stick around those people if they make you feel uncomfortable,” freshman Kiara Sanchez said.

     Currently, people try to force their own perspective onto others, we do not “agree to disagree” anymore. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and perspectives. Whether one prefers traditional conservative values or a more liberal lifestyle, they should be allowed to live their lives how they want to as long as they respect others’ beliefs. The people in our lives should not be dropped because of their opposing political views.