All About Tallying Up The Score: Allison D’Alincourt Serves Her Way to Success


Aaron Rojas

Sophomore Allison D’Alincourt continues to set higher ambitions for herself as she hopes to continue her path with the volleyball team.

Whether it involves scheduling team practices, assisting others, working behind the scenes or even cheering on the players at matches, sophomore Allison D’Alincourt has proven that her role as the team manager of the girls volleyball team is not just a position on the sidelines. With the volleyball season officially underway, D’Alincourt ensures that her team’s support is felt from within.

Before becoming interested in this energetic sport, D’Alincourt was a forward for Coral Gables Senior High’s girls soccer team during her freshman year. As someone who excelled at passing the ball to her teammates, she was able to make lasting connections with her peers and grow skills vital to teamwork, such as cooperating and communicating. 

“My friends persuaded me into being a part of an extracurricular sport. Joining the soccer team last year and now joining the volleyball team has made me a stronger person. Without it I wouldn’t have become the person I have grown to be today,” sophomore Allison D’Alincourt said.

After playing for the girls soccer team for a year, D’Alincourt wanted to explore a different athletic endeavor. While she did not land a position in the volleyball playing squad, she did end up earning a spot as the team manager.

In this role, D’Alincourt ensures that the coordination and budgeting are kept up-to-date, accurate for any upcoming tournaments and field trips. She also tallies up the scores in-between matches for her team and assists the head coach, Ms. De La Vega.

Don’t be afraid to take a leap of risk in trying out a new sport or joining clubs, you never know if that one game or event might change your life

— sophomore Allison D'Alincourt

“Allison, cheers for both teams [Junior Varsity and Varsity Volleyball], she watches both games and gives everyone a high five no matter our situation and she is very supportive for everyone ,” sophomore Celina Richardson said.

D’Alincourt and her teammates warm up with exercises like jumping jacks or sit-ups before a game commences. While the junior varsity team is playing their set, the varsity team arrives in their locker rooms and begins honing their abilities before their game. D’Alincourt totals the score and maintains track of any incorrect plays. She also coordinates team huddles that involve cheers such as “Let’s Go Gables” after every point, whether winning or losing in between sets.

“Allison is always cheering for the team which we all appreciate. She also helps bring our equipment to and from away games, which is always super helpful,” junior Georgia Rau said.

Having to supervise both the junior and varsity team in all upcoming events is a challenging assignment. Yet, D’Alincourt has been able to maintain her studies while enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program. Currently, she is the vice president for the Class of 2025 and has participated in clubs such as the French Honor Society and Mock Trial. As vice president, she intends to bring additional treat days for sophomores in Gables throughout the year, in addition to providing interesting ideas to be applied throughout the school year.

D’Alincourt, is working to join the junior varsity squad next year, striving to improve her serving technique by practicing outside of school hours. For the time being, she plans to continue as team manager and will remain at Gables for the next two years. Despite her ambitions to go to law school, she is open to the possibility of playing collegiate volleyball instead. After all, D’Alincourt always keeps her eyes on the ball.